Are we paranoid enough ? – Killer RFID chips

Dr. No would love this one: a Saudi inventor has invented an RFID chip that can be impanted in humans to track their wherabouts anywhere in the world, and kill them instantly through diffusion of a poison if needed.


Sounds perfect for a bunch of uses – I’m sure secret services, mafia organisations, terrorist groups and crackpot dictators are drooling over it as we speak !

Just think of the advantages for any institution desiring absolute loyalty in it’s underlings.

Hostage taking would become much easier too: just inject the victims and if anyone comes to rescue them they’re toast !

As for terrorists, if they are not quite sure of the fanaticism of their human bomb, they just have to tell him he’ll die anyway if his bomb doesn’t go off at the right time – don’t be late !

Stifling dissent ? Easy: just inject the politically incorrect and if they say a word out of line press the button ! In fact, all citizens should be implanted at birth without their knowledge just in case they turn into “terrorists”. Slip a chip in with all those vaccinations – no-one would notice. Even if they did, tell them it’s their caring government that just wants to observe their health for their own good of course…

Remember those hypo dart rifles used in zoos and nature reserves ? Well, if you want to blackmail someone how about adding a chip to  a dart ?

Hmm, in the perfect world, we could have implanted schoolchildren suddenly taking truancy VERY seriously. As for those dangerous mental patients escaping all the time… we can put a definitive stop to that !

No, really, the most extreme conspiracy theorists just haven’t got enough imagination ! To think people weren’t even believing the possibility of microchipping humans not so long ago…


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