Sex, booze…. and government grants

As a small example of the differences of perception between the East and the West here is the kind of story that would be the joke of the month in Asia if any newspaper dared publish it. It’s already silly enough as it is but I’ll explain what the Asian take on it would be:


So you thought that was ridiculous ?

If the Chinese government (or any other Asian institution) dared to fund a project with this kind of set up people would be crying “corruption !”, “aiding and abetting ciminals !”; “financing the Triads !” “institutional cronyism !” etc…

Not to mention “scandalous waste of public money !”

And here’s why:

In China 99% of prostitution is run by the Triads (asian mafias). A great majority of the “commercial sex venues” are also run by the Triads. The “gatekeepers” mentioned in the article (a lovely politicaly correct word for “pimps”) are also usually Triads, or join pretty fast if they don’t want to end up trying to swim out of a river with a truck axle tied to their feet or be chopped into a thousand pieces with meat cleavers (called the “thousand cuts” punishment – charming !)

So what the NIAA is doing here is effectively giving researchers tax payers money for several years in a row to hang around in seedy – but expensive – Karaoke bars with prostitutes while obviously buying drinks and “other services” from the establishment – “Field observation”  they call it… Having been dragged into a few myself in the past by Asian businessmen I can guarantee that you do not get into these places without spending some money, even if you are a five star PLA general – In fact as a member of an institution you would be expected to spend more or “da boyz” might throw you out. In addition, time is money for Triads, so spending time with any girl(s), whether for filling out a questionnaire, a chat or any sexual fantasy that happens to be going through your head, costs money.

So 95% of the money spent in these places by the “researchers” will end up in Triad hands.

In addition to that, if the girls drink it is for several reasons:

1/ They get a cut on every drink bought for them by a customer. No amount of education will stop this happening; for a lot of them “lady drink” money is half or more of their income.

2/ For the younger, inexperienced girls drinking helps to break down their inhibitions, allowing them to attract custom more easily – and forget all the nasty experiences they could have…

3/ The older girls are often alcoholics for the previous two reasons.

So could a government program change anything ? Not no. 1 because the girl’s income depends on it. Not no. 2 because it’s a psychological necessity – unless the US government want’s to give all prostitutes a free supply of Rohypnol, Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate (GHB) or Ketamine Hydrochloride (all date rape drugs) – but that wouldn’t be very ethical if you ask me… And not no. 3 because the best way to change those girls habits is to get them off “the game” and back into their familes or into rehab ! But we wouldn’t want that – the “researchers” would be out of a job and might have to actually do something productive… and the Chinese government certainly wouldn’t want meddling Americans damaging their tourist trade !

And if you think all that is nuts, read the report on the 400,000 $ being spent by the american NIH on researching the links between gay sex and alcohol on bars in Argentina (!):


After all, in this day and age, we have nothing better to blow large amounts of money on after all !

Maybe these are all just bogus programs designed to compensate government employees for “services rendered” with exotic holidays far from tax payer scrutiny… It does make one wonder !


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