Money and power: a toxic bond

It appears that despite all the horrible things I can say about economists some of them actually agree with me; some of them are even a bit politicaly correct ! Unfortunately (fortunately ?) this one might not be viewed as such, as she is  Samah El-Shahat, Al Jazeera’s resident economist; Al Jazeera being the media outlet that was unjustly smeared by the US administration – even being compared to a terrorist  organisation at one point – for persistantly telling the truth about the war in Iraq, or as close as they could get in those difficult reporting conditions.

Mind you, being smeared as a terrorist propoganda outlet is probably a compliment coming from the Uber-Masters of biased media, the US. Especially since almost everything Al-Jazeera reported turned out true.

Samah El-Shahat sees the world economy from a developping country’s perspective, being a developement economist, so is approaching international banking etc. from an angle not too far from my own. I shall be following her series with interest over the next few weeks, and post here anything worthwhile.

Here’s the first one:



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