Web-Bot forecasts global financial collapse and revolution

I’ve always thought that the internet, if used in an intelligent way, could be a tool for understanding part of the human unconsciousness, at least that of the subculture that has the money for a computer and the literacy to write something – This does unfortunately exclude many other subcultures completely who don’t happen to fulfill these criteria and tend to get totaly forgotten by everyone these days, and whose own collective unconsciousness has few ways of interacting with the world via modern technology, but at least we can get a better grasp on the inner worlds of the masses of computer users that populate the web  – most of the industrialised world and it’s activities.

A group of linguists and computer scientists who have pushed this approach to the extreme are those responsible for the Web-Bot project. For those of you who have never heard of it their Web-Bot is a very complex and ambitious program involving millions of “bots” that scour the net daily; I’ll try to explain my understanding of it: They put out requests for the bots to scan for various theme words that appear with high frequency, and the bots grab any text found anywhere on the net that contains the theme, keeping words preceding and following the theme word. Those then get filtered, categorized and counted, with the result being a list of associations with the theme word, in order of occurence, with dates, etc. This they have engineered into a kind of forecast system, not of the absolute future, but of a combination of human expectations and all the real data, news etc. that resides on the web in any shape or form.

The system is far from perfect, and has some known drawbacks, but does very well forecasting very big, worldwide events, and events that depend on a lot of web based data.

So, seeing all the Doom and Gloom currently circulating throughout the trend research community, from LEAP predicting global systemic crisis to Gerald Celente pronouncing “the first shots in the second American revolution have been fired”, I thought I would get the mighty Web-Bot’s take on our near future. I was not disappointed ! Quite a read !

The Web-Bot’s forecasts, and the interpretations of the Web-Bot team are extremely alarming – they seem to have evolved considerably in their outlook on the world since they started making stock market forecasts twelve years ago.

I think I detect just a touch of cynicism in their reports…

Amongst other things they forecast within the next two years (!):

– The imminent collapse of the dollar, followed by most of the global financial system (by late October the markets should show some serious wobble…)

– Epidemics from laborotary originated diseases AND the vaccinations used to treat them

– Mass refusal of obligatory vaccination

– Global famine – the worst in memory

– Riots, “refuseniks”, revolts, lawlessness

– Numerous assassinations of members of the oligarchy, their underlings, and even TV & media personalities representing their interests

– Insurrection against the elite in the US, that eventually goes global, when many revelations about the extent of their nefarious activities emerge (whistleblower and “save my skin” epidemic)

– New forms of insurrection eschewing violence, but many other violent groups

– Intensification of earthquakes and freak weather, winds, floods, “life threatening moments” – human migration from coastal areas

– big problems with the global fisheries – rapid die-off of many fish

– Creation of alternative markets, black markets

– Disasterous attack of Israel on Iran, leading to lethal global fallout after a nuclear “accident”

– Isreal being very surprised by Iranian (+ allies) defences and being vitrified by atomics

– In 2010, mansions and palaces of the wealthy will be burned down. Symbols of corporate power will be attacked by mobs

– The Vatican, suspected of storing food, will be burned and looted by hungry mobs (apparently a lot of linguistic fire references in our future !) after using gas or chemical weapons in defence

– collapse of many forms of infrastructure

– Attempts at restricting movement and martial law by governments that fail fairly fast, but after a lot of casualties

– Succesful long term sustainable “breakaway civilization” movements that simply step away from society to make their own

– Big, terminal problems for our Governments that are forced to clean up their act or be replaced

…and a litany of other hootin’ tootin’, rock n’rolling, earth shaking, paradigm shifting, planet busting stuff !

One point they dwell on and return to often is the revelation of the extent of the evil activities of our psychopathic elites by whistleblowers, betrayals, backstabbing, etc… Well, anyone reading this Blog will know what I think of that. ‘Bout bloody time !

And that’s even before you get to the “SpaceGoatFarts” section where the Web-Bot project dumps all the strange linguistic artefacts that don’t fit in anywhere else, or that are otherwise beyond the pale. Here apparently we should expect contact with aliens good and bad, on and off-planet, with hostile acts on both sides – starting with NASA trying to bomb the moon ! Dammit, Fox Mulder was right…

A word of warning before freaking out: there is a “built in error toward the most extreme connotations available in language and trend interpretation.” “The information presented uses words that presume the worst-case for future manifestation of the collective unconsciousness” say the Web-Bot team.

Unfortunately Web-Bot has correctly predicted many large scale events in the past well before they happened, and the worst case scenario came to pass: both 9-11 and the current economic crash amongst other things.

If a quarter of their forecast occurs, even to a lesser degree, we are in for the wildest – and most dangerous – times in our lives.

Just in case the Web-Bot is right, maybe we should start thinking of ways of attenuating the more extreme events now. I for one, will discourage any form of violent revolution (except in self-defence, of course) – there are so many more intelligent forms of civil disobedience that are far more effective; I think Ghandi proved that. So if people out there want to kick over the sand castle, please think carefully about what you are doing – and the consequences – first. Violence attracts repression like a magnet so is counter productive. Besides, it seems there will be easily enough violence to go around anyway.

See you soon; I’m off back to my (breakaway civilisation)


5 Responses to “Web-Bot forecasts global financial collapse and revolution”

  1. October 13, 2009 at 12:44 pm

    The system is far from perfect, and has some known drawbacks, but does very well forecasting very big, worldwide events, and events that depend on a lot of web based data.

  2. 2 mollige
    March 28, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    based on prophecys many leaders have been capable of doin great things and knew they could accomplish them .

    This is what i should ask as a human being to them elite if they human or not made us or not gonna destroy us or not that i dont care of that just as they dont care about us humans dieing etc cause afterall we live to die right?
    but what i wanna ask is if we live to die then why cant we live in such a way as what u might call the next level or the upper stage without havin to have had and endured such horrible times on this earthly plain its true theire where nice things and still are and prolly are goin to be on this planet its just shamefull and disrespectfull to be evolvin in such a painfull way havin to see loved ones die by the hands of evil or loss of hope money food …
    If its part of a plan for us to BECOME whatever we need to become or u guys want us to become honestly it is better not to have lived a life blindfolded by the curtains of another but to be able to live a life trough one his own eyes kinda like when they tell ya santa doesnt exist after tellin ya otherwise before … IT HURTS !
    If u made us to be slaves and where able to take chromosones from us to make us slaves why not have some other part removed so we cant feel the pain of losin someone no more etc then ull have a slave that doesnt have senses or feelins and then udd have the perfect slaves.
    Now u just hurtin one of ure own creations we all came from mothers they from theirs etc .
    Read these prophecy’s dont just read em take em serious!! and do somethin already before its 2 late !!!
    Better to live with many in safety not knowin what solar maximus might bring then to die massivly not bein able to run anywhere roads blocked panic etc …
    Can always tell ppl its part of a great tv show … kinda like belgium goes underground or survival island… u get my drift just to simulate an earthsurvivalcourse in example
    Some say they know nothin whil happen other have doubts predictions endin badly mayacalender at end of cycle…
    Just to be sure human kind always survives why not like a turn based roll put some families in space even if earth goes so they can land back and rebuild
    why not basecamp till solar max is over with the ppl that still live now underground with tools there even if they get caved in etc they can still get back out etc and make sure evrythin important remains intact…
    otherwise its possible we be blowin ourselves back to the age of the dino etc ppl again would need to learn how to talk … maya calender starts again… i dunno … tought gave me the creeps
    deja vu its a term ppl all know whell i guess thats my prediction why ppl have deja vu’s we in a neverending loop of bein slave evolvin ppl under the grasp of leaders that like to depopulate ppl by massmurders even i know it can be done otherwise try startin to love another
    i dont hate u elite guys its i guys ure job and u just do what ya have to do to fullfill ya destiny i guys but the gods gave all of us free will is it not time already just for ones to lay down all whats unright and give us true free will? after all thats the only way we can evolve in a natural way otherwise even this evolution would be just another product to be in the next level i guess . Love all lifeforms but they made us hate em or be scared of them in a way why fear the unknown when one does not even know oneself truely u should fear ureself .
    Love u side on or hate u guys choose for millions of yrs its always war war war when u guys gonna evolve?In the end only thing left for both after battlin will just be HOPE .
    Is the creation of this so called hope the main reason why we have to evolve?
    is that Why we need to be on this journey?
    If so feelins would indeed be nescesairy for us to experience etc but all this costs of life precious life is the reason for what then?
    Ure own existance as a creator? if so just say so then to us be honest dont lie about it show us why dont hide the things u wanna evolve 2?
    Then explain the evil and what in return we can get for the effort trough a way we ppl can even start lovin what we hate cause after all we who love dont wanna hate but thow who hate and wish to evolve trough us must first learn as we have had to to love thow enemy not hate them i as slave of this sociaty know it has to be fake cause our fathers and mothers wherent hippy’s for no reason… and so if indeed the end is again upon us and the papers shall be gone and the internet and cd’s etc Act tday to be sure even if we hit the stone age again in 2013 that in any cause the next ppl to havin to be reborn again to be able to go next lvl would not have to struggle that long to evolve … or just STAY AND KEEP HUMANITY ALIVE AT ALL COST!
    example spaceshuttle with man female of every country in it with child that orbits the planet for lets say 3 years and then land again to be replaced by other families if nothin occurs they all back home iff something occurs they all remake home but no knowledge will be lost .

  3. April 24, 2010 at 4:15 am

    Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

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