A video of state terror inflicted on the people

David Icke has some funny ideas. I will not condemn him for that. We are all entitled to our ideas, and if they are a bit strange – as long as they do not harm other people – that just adds to the colour of life. At the same time he has a very clear vision of certain aspects of our modern society. The following is a simple video; one of many circulating on the subject of abuse of power by authorities and pain and suffering inflicted on citizens in the so called “civilized” world. The points he makes are very valid, and should be cause for reflection by any person with a modicum of humanity. I’m presuming there are a few left…

Watch this and reflect on the following: What has happened to the “boys in blue” who used to “protect and serve” the people who pay their salaries with their hard-earned taxes ? Why do they wear black nowadays, when black is historically reserved – worldwide and in every culture – for executioners, fascist para-military forces and terror squads ? Is this what they have become ? Draw your own conclusions.


If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face – forever.

George Orwell, “1984”


2 Responses to “A video of state terror inflicted on the people”

  1. 1 Mattis
    July 28, 2010 at 7:33 am

    As this kind of situations happens in numerous countries those days, and in France as well, I ask myself for years this question : how are they, those men in uniforms ?
    I mean : we now who’s behind, ok.
    We know what’s the point and purpose of all that, ok.
    We know for sure hundreds of thousand are against those kind of facism and agree with us on all we blame on that.
    We know what those guys in uniforms are convinced of, and what please them in their uniforms.

    But as they are thousands and thousands more policemen and military people in the streets everyday, I just wonder : where do they come from ?
    As majority hate that police world and claim it out loud, where do they hire those plethorous armies of dumbass enforcers ?
    We know a lot of people still agree with that, by fear, ignorance or just stupidity, but it’s one thing to agree, and another thing to sign in to be a prime actor of facism !
    Where do they come from ? I dont know personnally a single policeman, but I see at minimum twenty of them each time I go out !
    I know quite a few racists and facists, but no policemen.
    And still, they multiply beyond imagination, everyday.

    So I just wonder : do they come from another planet ? Do they live in another country, driving their way to my cities every morning before I wake up ? How can they be so many, and nobody knows who they are ? Cyborgs create by men in power ? Do someone know the location of their secret factory ? Do someone have a serial number ?

  2. 2 sirburton
    July 29, 2010 at 4:58 am

    Humorous comment, but you have a point. Where does the state find these hordes of thoughtless, insensitive goons ? Maybe they only recruit a few thousand of the most brutish thugs they can find, and then clone them in an underground base somewhere hidden from public view, like so many other things they do hidden in the shadows of secrecy ;-D

    Humour aside, I think there will be no lack of state stormtroopers in the near future. With the artificial austerity and other illusory financial impositions, half the population will be desperate enough to join the military and police, and quite willing to vent the frustrations of their situation on the poor defenceless citizens that comprise the other half !

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