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The solution to the economic crisis

With all the doom-laden media braying constantly about our terrible economies it is easy to forget that our financial system is only one of many that have existed over time, some of which were very efficient at avoiding every one of the problems we are being submerged with – by design – today. A lot of people are working on extremely effective alternative financial systems, but unsurprisingly the Rothschild and Murdock owned press act as though they don’t exist, never report on them, and thus help maintain the terrible system their paymasters have put into place. The truth is the current system of international finance is an expensive farce that benefits a minute minority, and concentrates worldwide power in the most unsavoury hands known to mankind to the detriment of everyone and just about everything. Anyone who does not understand that has obviously not been living on the same planet as the rest of us the last few years – or prefers staying in a comfortable delusional state rather than accept the reality of the ridiculously wasteful and dehumanising systems inflicted on us increasingly every day. However, luckily there are plenty of brave individuals out there who have a total understanding of this and are doing their utmost to promote more equitable systems, despite being hindered at every stage by the financial oligarchy and the political minions who have allowed them to achieve such obscene levels of power.

Probably one of the most succinct and brilliant explanations of a tried and tested system that reintroduces fairness into the marketplace while at the same time stimulating hugely the economy and castrating the parasitic international banks, is that of soft-spoken monetary genius Richard Cook. His “Cook Plan” is the result of three decades of careful reflection while working in the heart of the White House treasury department, where he had a unique position to grasp the intricate workings of national and international finance.

His work is of striking pertinence today. He has reinforced each aspect with the help of a multitude of other economists and monetary reformers worldwide.

I strongly recommend watching this 2 hour series of videos where Richard Cook manages to condense two centuries of economic history, clear and concise explanations of many of the terms and mechanisms of economics that are essential but far too many people ignore, and finally explain the simplest, highly ethical solutions that would stop this entire artificial economic crisis – and the untold suffering associated with it – immediately. If you only want to put up with one economy lesson in your life – let it be this one !

It is divided into 6 parts each covering a high density of information, so try to find a moment when you are clear and focused to watch it. Then spread the video to anyone you know with half a brain, and start pestering your elected “representatives” to pass legislation that would rapidly transform society into a far more equitable place, at no cost except to faceless international institutions who would lose their ill-earned sinecure.

The plan was proposed to the G-20 a few years ago backed by the signatures of many prominent economists and was ignored, unsurprisingly.

The same thing happened when it was presented to the US congress.

It’s high time for a change. That change can only come from the people.

To think there are a number of alternative systems out there that are almost as good, and we have to put up with the current can of worms run by a small number of soulless yes-men and psychopaths for their selfish interests who are devouring the planet while doing their best to line their pockets with our collective futures.

It must be understood that there are monetary and economic systems that make the kind of rampant abuse prevailant today almost impossible. Here is one of them:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:

Part Six:


How US elections are rigged via software manipulation

Watch this and take in the implications:!

No comment is necessary…


Gulf of Mexico dossier: The Gulf lie spill and information clean-up operation is making progress. Forget the oil…

Several of my readers have asked for my take on the current Gulf of Mexico mega-disaster, so though I haven’t full access to my usual research resources at the moment, I’ll try to give you a summary of my conclusions about this whole horrible fiasco. I’ve been following it more or less since day one, as I had a very bad feeling from the start – this has been justified, much to my sadness, over the last few weeks. I’ve talked to people in the oil industry and done my usual hunting around the net. I’ll put some links and sources at the end of the article, not throughout the text as I usually do, to make things clearer – there is a lot of info to digest to get a clear picture. I will add links later as time permits, so come back and check for developments over the next days and weeks.

Oil spread in the Gulf

Deep sea drilling into the earth’s crust is a relatively new approach to the acquisition of the black gold that has been used for so long by our financial oligarchy to maintain their stranglehold on mankind’s energy use. Pioneered by Russian energy consortiums, who had little choice on a geo-political level but to find a way to exploit such hazardous sources to maintain their energy independence, western multinationals have been quick to use these new technologies, and the search for access points around the planet for deep oil reserves has accelerated worldwide since the Falklands war. Over the last few years, wells have been opened up around the planet that were previously inaccessible because, quite simply, the technology was just not available to go so deep until recently. The main problem with this, admitted by many oilmen and concerned scientists, is that although the technologies to access the oil have been perfected somewhat, our know-how is totally insufficient when it comes to the security and control of these wells if something goes terribly wrong. The forces at play in the depths of these wells surpass all the capabilities of our current technologies if the need occurs to actually contain them when something goes very wrong and the basic fail-safes, well.. fail ! The pressures are just too high for any human technology to contain once they get out of hand. The Russians have in the past had to resort several times to nuclear weapons to vitrify wellheads of deep wells  that escaped from their control. Luckily for them the wells they were sealing were mostly on dry land in optimal conditions…

Unsurprisingly and despite this,  with full knowledge of the risks, multinational oil companies have decided to “drill, baby, drill” in some of the most unstable areas of the planet  in areas where local conditions – under ice sheets, on the bottom of sea trenches – produce extreme challenges that make recovery almost impossible if a serious hiccup occurs. With the soulless approach pervading multinational corporate practice these days, they have gorged on the profits while ignoring the dangers. Their internal justifications for doing so range from the irrational to the absurd – I have heard oilmen say in front of me “these accidents happen naturally, over time, so if we do one it doesn’t matter in the big scale of things”; Sure thing dude; one of the major past extinctions of life on this planet is attributed to ocean shelf collapses that liberated vast amounts of methane trapped in the crust – something that is happening right now in the Gulf of Mexico. This once beautiful area, filled with an abundance of species that provided delight to visitors and seafood for the US, sits on a rugged sloping sea bed, descending for miles of canyons and underwater mountains that contains huge amounts of crude oil, but also truly immense methane deposits – entire mountains and volcanoes of the stuff – along with layers of radioactive strata and a dangerous cocktail of gases and minerals you probably don’t want to know about. The whole area is a highly unstable honeycomb that even without mankind’s intervention leaks oil and gas through vents in the seabed on a constant basis. So great are the pressures of the deposits under the sea-bed, the stuff works it’s way through vents and channels in the rock and diffuses into the water. Various algae have developed that feed off these leaks, so an equilibrium is maintained in the ocean that prevents the “natural” amounts of leaking crude and gas changing the chemistry of the ocean. The scenario is quite different with a blow-out like the Deepwater Horizon rig’s accident. Here, huge amounts of pressurized oil and methane are firing vertically up through the rock like a laser, eroding a larger amount of the bore hole and underlying seabed every day. The top-kill failure has only served to put momentarily even more pressure on the well and the reservoir, creating huge stresses on the rock surrounding both, allowing pressurised oil and gas to crack it and force channels to open to the surface, some of which will be far from the original well head. The pressures are so massive – 600 pounds per square inch and up (some people talk of pressures up to 70,000 psi) – that absolutely nothing short of divine intervention will stop it. No human technology can deal with this.

How is BP “damage controlling” the situation ? They have made little attempt to clean the oil – they are recovering as much as they can over the drill site, but are mainly intent on hiding the amount of oil that has already escaped by using extremely toxic chemical dispersants. In fact the one they use the most – the infamous Corexit – is banned in most places because it is a known neuro-toxin that is lethal to all life in concentrations just over 2 parts per million. Since they have dumped many millions of tons of this disgusting stuff on the – already highly toxic – crude oil to force it down into deep water away from prying cameras, they have only contributed to make a huge toxic soup where nothing can survive except for petroleum-eating bacteria that also consume all the surrounding oxygen. So each of these “underwater oil plumes” the scientists are worried about is in effect a huge underwater anaerobic toxic death-cloud, slowly being dragged by underwater currents towards the atlantic and the gulf stream, killing absolutely everything in their path. Numerous sailors and fishermen have fallen violently sick just sailing over these plumes. Most haven’t recovered weeks later. Shoreline communities all around the gulf are in danger from toxic emanations from these poisonous substances. Children and adults are succumbing to rashes, respiratory ailments, and other complications that will get more serious as time goes by unless they evacuate the coast. There are reports of oil in the rain inland – and the rain smells very unpleasant – hardly surprising, really…

Meanwhile BP has apparently recently decided to stop their cleaning operations and only wheel out their clean-up crews for photo shoots and official visits. Presumably they don’t see the point in cleaning up because they can not seal the well, so more and more oil will hit the coastlines and invade the seas anyway for years to come. They have allegedly decided to cut costs and only spend on “public perception management” and oil recuperation over the well. Few journalists have been allowed in the area, the airspace is now mainly a “no fly zone” apart for BP’s aircraft and a few government planes, and the police are arresting anyone they intercept turning up on the coast with a camera. All their local personnel and clean up crews have been told that if they pass on any information to the public they will be immediately fired. They have even told clean-up crews not to use their respirators the few times journalists have been around so as not to scare the public about the toxicity of their mess. Workers protesting this are fired too… There is currently such a feeling of depression amongst local inhabitants, fishermen and clean-up workers several have already committed suicide. They are seeing unfold in front of their eyes something the rest of the world is barely noticing: the worst ecological disaster in the history of mankind. They are not seeing any attempt to alleviate the worst or help them at all. Money has been promised – but what does that mean compared to an utterly destroyed coastline and eco-system genocide ? Meanwhile on the net, BP has bought the top positions on most search engines to redirect concerned people to sites they control so they can continue with their “perception management”. Mainstream press have been rapidly stifled, so as usual most people not willing to hunt for the information themselves have no idea of the real gravity of the situation.

So what are the best case/worse case scenarios ? Well, from what I can glean from the net, and the conversations I’ve had on and offline with oil industry people and others who know a lot more about this than I do, unfortunately there is no best case scenario. It’s far too late. If the top kill had worked maybe the well could have been sealed. It didn’t, and just weakened the well and reservoir’s links to the sea bed making the situation worse. While the US government and BP pointed fingers and postured in front of the cameras all this has got totally out of hand. On the deep sea robot’s cameras (several robots are around the remains of the BOP and patrolling the area providing live feeds) oil and gas is visibly spilling from cracks hundreds of feet from the well. A couple of days ago a robot even got knocked out by a new jet of oil spurting from a crevice – I don’t think they’ve even managed to recover the robot yet. According to an airman flying oil-reconaissance missions over the gulf, 40% of the sea floor is covered in oil. This volcano of crude and methane can not be stopped. All the talk about far fetched solutions is rubbish so far – the pressure relief wells will not work either – too late –  and as for the bright guys who propose nuking the well-head… they are nuts ! Nuking an area so rich in methane deposits, radioactives, and honeycombed with caverns full of pressurized oil ? No one has ever done such a thing in such hostile conditions on the sea floor. The consequences could be of biblical proportions. On the other hand screwing up with a nuke would get BP off the hook so maybe it’ll be tried…

So in this case what are the worse-case scenarios ? Well, unfortunately, they are all very, very bad – in fact positively doom-laden. There are so many things that can turn this into an even more catastrophic situation. Hopefully none of the following will occur:

– One huge problem is the escaping methane; for every barrel of oil escaping into the gulf, 30 barrels of methane are leaking into the water and creating “methane hydrates”. According to the latest oceanographic research conducted in the Gulf, methane levels in the water are already at a million times normal background levels in a substantial part of the gulf. Other scientists are saying there is a 20 km wide methane bubble under the gulf. Apart from the huge problems caused to shipping – ships can not float if methane concentrations in the water reach a critical level; they sink. If the methane concentrations get high enough, enough methane will have been released from the rock to reduce pressure, and allow sea water to pour into the extremely hot strata underlying the gulf, producing instant evaporation and an underwater explosion the likes of which we have never seen. This will produce a two-hundred foot tsunami moving at up to six hundred miles an hour – an apocalyptic scenario for all the areas surrounding the gulf. Somehow I find this scenario less realistic than the following ones. According to some Russian scientists, the deep channel pumping oil into the seabed could flow forever in which case it is highly unlikely there will be any “pressure equalisation”… Let’s hope so !

– Another problem is the huge underwater masses of oil and deadly chemicals slowly floating into the atlantic and – heaven forbid – the gulf stream. If, over time, enough oil and chemicals mix into the gulf stream, no one really knows what will happen. If the chemical composition of the gulf stream changes, or it’s flow speed is reduced by massive quantities of underwater crude, the climate could be affected. Since the gulf stream is responsible for heating large parts of Europe, the results could be catastrophic for the whole continent. And people thought last winter was bad. The Gulf stream also influences atmospheric currents, so the consequences could be global.

– An almost opposite scenario could occur over the long term. When enough methane converts from methane hydrates to gas, this will force millions of tons a day  – remember, the well is releasing thirty times more methane than oil – of methane into our long-suffering atmosphere. Methane is a greenhouse gas with far stronger effects than CO2. So after the freeze, things might get a little hot for a while. Of course, BP stands to gain from this, being one of the biggest players in the AGW economy that has been built over the last few years. A very likely scenario concerning the gasses in the short term would be the formation of clouds of the stuff, probably mixed with other gasses, that could float around causing poisoning and death wherever they pass. If enough gas continues leaking, these death clouds could move around the planet for years. Huge quantities of nasty gases like benzene are already being detected inland around the gulf.

Now for some more anecdotal esoteric connections: William Gibson, the creator of the cyberpunk genre of fiction, was recruited years ago by the Pentagon as an advisory consultant because the terrible vision he portrays in his books – of a future where mega-corporations rule the devastated wastelands of the earth while the poor and outcast remnants of humanity huddle at the base of the corporate strongholds – this fitted in well with the Pentagon’s vision of the future, apparently. In his books, huge catastrophies are visited on the population of “little people” regularly to ensure their dependance on corporate technologies for their very survival. In such conditions, antiquated concepts as “freedom” or “democracy” have no place. Buy – or die…

Another interesting, rather spooky coincidence: A writer called Gustav Meyrink in 1903 wrote a book called “Petroleum, Petroleum !“, where an evil chemical magnate decides to express his hate for the “useless eaters” of humanity by breaking the oil reserves in the gulf of Mexico open in order to flood the oceans of the world in oil. The result is oil covering the water of the planet within a few years, breaking the planetary rainfall mechanisms and killing most ocean and continental life. All coasts are rendered uninhabitable, and most humans die of starvation… The spooky part is the author insists in 1903 that the story is a prophecy, not a work of fiction ! The author also owned his own banking house and was a well known cabalist. Food for thought…

Ancient traditions across the planet have always insisted there are “doors that are best left unopened”. The Oil industry has just opened a portal straight to Hell.

The only sensible action open to any aware human is to campaign for a ban on all under sea and under ice deep oil wells immediately. All existing wells must be sealed now. The fate of humanity could be in the balance. I think this could effect the planet to such an extent that in the future we will be talking of a pre-Gulf and post Gulf world.

Keep tuned – I’ll do my best to post any important stuff I come across. Pray the worst consequences are somehow avoided. All inhabitants on the coasts surrounding the Gulf should evacuate, whatever else is done.

Links: (as usual, keep your own independent POV when reading this stuff… If people knew exactly what was happening under our Earth’s crust we probably wouldn’t have had the disaster in the first place…)

– Essential video: BP not cleaning up, lying, victims of bad air in the gulf – a very moving – and scary – video…

Kindra Arnesan – Quoted on PBS Newshour 6/23/2010 (edit: sorry, since posting this video has been censored)

– Quantities of methane in the Gulf:

– Organized evacuations:

– Even the MSM are starting to get scared…

– 40% seabed covered in oil

– How methane is generated in the earth’s crust (don’t bother reading if you don’t have a technical background…)

– Oil entering Gulf Stream:

– BP has the tech to know exactly how much oil is flowing:

– Gulf coast air toxicity:

More coming soon…


Are the big medical companies going to be the death of us all ?

With all the current fuss about pandemics, emerging diseases and Big Pharma practices I was quite excited to be present at a health congress recently, where I hoped some nagging little questions I had been asking myself could be answered by the impressive array of doctors, medical universtity deans and pharmaceutical company representatives who attended.

While I was there I confirmed a fair bit of information (and some very worrying conclusions), the most important being:

– The biodiversity of this planet is being reduced every day, with industry, logging, and petrochemicals in the environment destroying more and more species.

– Pathogens in previously highly biodiverse areas are being forced to move onto new hosts or “vector animals” at a faster and faster rate to ensure their own survival, because their traditional hosts are dying off.

– Through massive vaccination programs, our pharmaceutical industry is attempting to completely eradicate many of the diseases that have plagued humans for millenia. These vaccinations are allegedly effective against specific pathogens, with little or no effect on others, and in many cases reduce the human body’s resistance against other diseases.

– When a pathogen dies out, either from biodiversity destruction or eradication via vaccination, another one – often completely unknown – adapts to take it’s place within a very short time.

– Against these new diseases humans have almost no immunity, having never encountered them before.

– Most people’s immune systems are much weaker today than a few decades ago for many reasons: poor nutrient and vitamin supply from food due to processing methods and irradiation for “hygiene”, sedentary or otherwise unhealthy lifestyles, and in many parts of the world, malnutrition or hunger.

–  Even in advanced countries, it is harder and harder to get good quality vitamins and supplements, mostly because of intense daily lobbying efforts from the same food and medecine industry giants that want a monopoly on our health – here’s the latest attempt, by Senator John McCain of all people. Here more of the same in Canada… There is a permanent assault by Big Pharma on the health of every country that never stops, it seems. The vitamins that manage to get sold are usually restricted to tiny, useless doses, or failing that, are synthesised from ingredients that are very poorly assimilated by our bodies. Today it is fairly hard to rebuild a good immune system because of this. If you are told vitamins can be dangerous, laugh and read this. Out of the billions of doses taken, 10 people have died taking vitamins in the US… in 23 years !

So to sum up: in an environment that is already throwing more and more serious pathogens at us, our medical system is doing it’s best to eliminate the pathogens we have acquired defences against, while making no effort to strengthen our natural immunities that are the only protection we have against a multitude of emerging diseases – on the contrary: many of the chemical based medecines we use actually reduce the effectiveness of our own immune systems. This is tantamount to creating the perfect storm, where all it would take is one new virulent disease to wipe our globalised population of the face of this planet. Luckily for us there are always a few survivors even after the worse epidemics…

When I asked a few of the “experts” about this pretty obvious problem, none of them could give me a satisfactory explanation – in fact, it seems that several of these so-called “top notch researchers” had never given the matter any thought, and looked quite worried as they scuttled off to avoid answering…

So the next question is why ? I find it hard to believe that the entire pharmaceutical industry is willfuly plotting the death of the entire human race, with some modern-day Dr. Mabuse at the top pulling the strings of millions of “useful idiot” doctors worldwide in a carefuly orchestrated doomsday plan ! I also find it hard to believe that so many doctors worldwide are so dangerously stupid that the implications of our massively wasteful billion dollar disease eradication programs have passed them by completely…

Add to all this the new breeds of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” that not only defeat our drugs, but also are acquiring characteristics that allow them to defeat the most healthy people with ease, and we really have a problem.

If a doctor out there can give me a reasonable explanation of this bizarre methodology, I would love to hear it ! I’m not holding my breath, though…

When I compare our medical industry’s methods with other forms of medecine they seem to fare very badly these days except in surgical techniques – For example in Traditional Chinese medecine most of the treatments aim to boost all the natural systems in the body to their peak – from their point of view if a person is healthy and has a strong immune system, he has little to fear from any disease. Quite the opposite approach to the average western drug-dealing doctor strangely enough…

In my case, I haven’t touched a pharmaceutical drug for years and my last vaccination was when I was a baby, but despite travelling all over the world, including into pathogen-rich jungles full of mosquitoes and supposedly very unhealthy third-world countries I am healthier than most people I know. I’m also a smoker, and not impartial to a few beers…

My advice to anyone who wants to keep healthy as long as possible without paying too much attention to the current pandemic hysteria and it’s associated marketing schemes:

– Take organic vitamins, especially C & D3 when the flu is about. Don’t bother with non-organic vitamins – they are virtually useless and can do you harm.

– Take mineral supplements whenever you feel “under the weather” – especially in hot, sweaty environments.

– Drink lots of green tea

– Start practicing one of the many eastern healthy exercise programs. Meditation is a good start but if you have the time practicing Tai Chi a bit every day, or even better Qi Gong, will definitely improve  your health across the board. Either of these techniques will also strengthen your ligaments and joints, and keep your body youthful until a ripe old age if practiced regularly. I know 90 year olds who practice QI Gong 30 minutes a day and can put a 40 year old to shame when it comes to endurance, vitality and alertness. Failing that (it’s not always easy to find a good Qi Gong teacher), regular, long walks in a natural environment do wonders for the mind and body !

– Eat varied foods, and occasionally be excessive on food and drink…

– Once in a while, when you are feeling good about yourself, fast for a day. No food – only liquids and no stimulants or cigarettes !

Picture yourself young and strong, whatever your actual condition – Your aging will slow down.

Cheers, and good health ! May you survive when everyone else drops like flies…


Bailout money spent on cluster bombs – EU taxes spent on “golden shower”

I thought I would have a quick look around at the innovative ways our government “leaders” and international financiers were finding to invest all the money we have given them to sort out our many woes. So what notable items have hit the press in the last week or so ?

Let’s start with all that bailout money… You know, in Europe the three trillion Euros that were given to banks over the last couple of years that were supposed to stimulate loans, etc… to restart the economy. Well, not only have banks refrained from making loans more accessible to the little people – quite the contrary in fact – they have used most of the bailout money to buy other weaker banks, thus consolidating power across the whole financial sector, giving them even more powerful monopolies to exploit more effectively the rest of us. Vast sums have been spent on buying real estate and businesses at rock-bottom recession prices all over Europe and the US. Huge assets and ressources have changed hands the world over and are owned by a smaller and smaller group of oligarchs, while, as usual, the people at the bottom of the social scale are left with barely the shirts on their backs.

Just to add insult to injury – and later injury to insult – the world’s biggest banks have just loaned 20 billion to weapons manufacturers to build cluster bombs ! These horrendous weapons are in the process of being banned because they result in the deaths of far more women and children than enemy soldiers, due to their propensity to lie around waiting to be stepped on for decades after being dropped – they are extensively used by all of our “peacemongering” powers because not only do they slaughter “soft targets” when dropped, they also act as a minefield until cleared through a lengthy and dangerous process. They cause many infant deaths and disabilities because they look like pretty colourful ping-pong balls, so kids pick them up, usually losing at least an arm in the process. Soon to be used in a neighbourhood near you…

According to this Oxfam report, irresponsible arms sales are so prevalent and destructive to developing countries that the result is them not attaining their development goals, thus staying in absolute poverty and continuing to be a burden on the international community.

More absolute proof that these entities will in no way help humanity evolve towards a civilised and advanced civilisation, from it’s current thinly disguised feudal state, as long as they can make billions from death, suffering and control.

We are currently told that by installing vast bureaucracies in the US and Europe will be the cure-all for all our problems, that the vast sums of money amassed by these institutions allow them to act on the macro-scale for the benefit of all, and keep the banks in line while they are at it. Unfortunately the numbers seem to contradict them very regularly. The EU for example, that from the very beginning has used vast amounts of tax payer’s money to promote it’s own existance (illegal for a political party in any country, but the EU is above the law, because now it IS the law !) seems to have a history of squandering public funds. Take, for example the latest scandal in France, where a previous president is up for massive corruption as a backdrop, and the current “Emperor Sarko” has just been caught wasting millions of EU funds, including 250,000 pounds sterling on a “presidential shower” he never even used…

How can anyone believe for one minute that these soulless, self-serving parasites can help us at all ? The world is in need of societal and economic change of an extreme nature in order to avoid a new Dark Ages and neo-feudalism that these organisations are all pushing us into with gleeful enthusiam.

The simplest solutions (that will not be implemented of course by them) to keep these modern day ogres in check:

– Create a “citizen oversight” body – including a training structure – with a pool of anonymous auditors allocated randomly to ALL the different organisms, banks, NGO’s etc and regularly rotated to avoid corruption. Fully using internet and database technology, such a body could be set up very fast. Many jobs would be created as a side effect…

– Introduce a global “ethics tax” (everything else is taxed – why is a Tobin tax resisted so adamantly ?). Simply put, when the oversight body determines a bank loan is being given for destructive reasons (armament, etc…) it should incur a massive tax, to compensate the destruction of ressources, society and progress. In a similar way, projects that are determined to be totaly positive for humanity should receive tax breaks and even subsidies or free credit – payed for by the previous tax.

The result would be a reversal of the current ethics of money. Benefitting mankind and the planet would be rewarded and lead to huge profits. Death and destruction could still be meeted out by those that revel in it, but it would be a hell of a lot harder for the psychopaths to generate a profit from their fun !

So voila ! Don’t let anyone tell me that the solutions to most of our global problems are not simple and cheap – it is the will to apply them for the benefit of the general public that is totaly lacking.

Our current economic system is so destructive, costly in human and environmental terms, and downright evil, we can hardly do worse !

Hence my call to start a global peaceful insurgency movement to pressure the big boys into doing something benevolent for a change – if they are actually capable of it – something I’m starting to doubt. Otherwise they’ll have to go…


Why we need global resistance by “we the people” to avoid catastrophy

If you sum up the information we have available on our economy, healthcare, food supply and energy supplies these days it is pretty obvious that all four cornerstones of our future survival on his planet, and thus the foundations of a just, advanced future civilisation are deeply dysfunctional and are taking humanity down a path  that is directly opposed to it’s potential and capabilities.


Our economy is a debt based system that is a mathematical model for the destruction of value and the concentration of all wealth into a tiny number of hands wordwide. For those that still don’t know this – just ask yourselves how the richest 170 people in the world have aquired an equivalent wealth to the poorest 3 billion people on the globe.

Compare this with the bright future possible using Social Credit, BIG, or the Cook plan – also check out the massively successful Alaska Permanent Fund – all of which are monetary models that would almost instantly and with very little infrastructure solve the debt problems of every impoverished citizen in the world, and restart a productive economy with less toil and wasted energy, and more freedom for all it’s participants. The global elite who are responsible for maintaining the current vampiric system at all costs at the expense of most of humanity are aware of these far more democratic and ethical systems, and have made every effort to suppress, ignore or even demonise them in order to continue raping the planet and it’s inhabitants with impunity.

To sum up, the monetary system we use is the property of the whole of humanity, and must be removed from the grasping claws of private international institutions hiding their ongoing, massive piracy behind deceitful language and opaque systems, and given back to the people. Economics must serve the people of this planet. Perpetuating exactly the opposite is simply insane and horrendously destructive ! Unless of course you are one of the 170 odd hyper rich. Absolutely everyone else is losing out more and more: it is a simple mathematical iteration… As a last point I might add that every war around the planet is financed by the international banks – no war can be waged anywhere without a bank loan from soulless globalised institutions. Just food for thought…


Healthcare worldwide is riddled with such a mess of corruption, phony research, unethical marketing, and products that attenuate symptoms while debilitating the health of the “consumer” (not patient…) ensuring his continued custom for big Pharma. Healthcare should be taken from these companies – they have demonstrated beyond a doubt through their evil practices that thay are the last people to be trusted with our health. Think they are nice, honest groups concerned with our wellbeing ? Well, read this:

one more example in a succession of massive fines for Pharma over the years ! These fines are just accounted with the yearly losses and do nothing to change business as usual for them of course. I remember years back when European Pharma companies were caught corrupting every member of a European Commission (except one who blew the whistle) in order to ban organic vitamins from easy public access – They incurred the biggest fines in the history of business. Did that stop them ? Of course not – they just upped their pressure on the infamous “Codex Alimentarius” commission to outlaw vitamins in as many areas as possible, and enforce worldwide food irradiation just in case there were any nutrients left in our food products.

How to change the situation ? Citizen-based transparent oversite (the way of the future) of all big pharma practices, and an enforcement of placebo trials for every medecine introduced into the “health market”. Most people wil probably be surprised to learn that no vaccine is given a placebo test – the “cohort trials” currently used are hopeless and the results can be interpreted wildly; this is why they are used.

You still want to get vaccinated ? Well read this; you might change your mind:

Food Supply

Now, let’s talk about the world food supply and what’s wrong with it – in one word: globalisation ! Through the tireless efforts of our international think tanks, trade commissions, WTO and a veritable host of sister organisations we at last have a global network of interlinked countries that all depend on each other for their survival and, er… independance. Ironically this global system has barely been put in place and is already showing it’s weakness because of the global economic crunch. Because so many countries export their own food and import their needs, as soon as international banks stop giving the credit for ships to sail, huge quantities of food are wasted and do not go where they are needed. A recent example of this were the numerous famines in 2007-2008 that were a direct result, not of overpopulation as our information-twisting media loves to put out, but simply lack of credit supplied by banks to get the boats on the water. This is pretty clear if you look at the Baltic Exchange Dry Index that shows total world freight:

Don’t believe it ? Check out:

The horrible irony of these times is people starving a few meters away from massive, full grain silos destined for other countries but immobilised by finance. It leads to unthinkable situations: in Thailand the price of rice – the staple – has skyrocketed over the last few years despite the fact Thailand is the biggest rice exporter in the world ! Another demonstration that our global economy does little to benetfit those who actualy do all the work !

The reason we are going to have – as Web-Bot predicts – the worst famine in memory next year is pretty simple: look at the Baltic Dry again – notice that the level of worldwide shipping is already infinitely lower than it was in 2007. Our starting point during the next level of collapse of the economy being much lower, when shipping collapses again through lack of credit it is probable that more than a billion people will be starving in 2010. In Europe it is likely that the supermarket supply chain will fail – western “just in time” delivery techniques will compound the disaster.

Of course there are a myriad of other reasons the famine will be bad – most of them due to globalisation too ! If you add farmers committing suicide by the thousands in India (favoured method of suicide: drinking Monsanto roundup pesticide) because their livelyhood has been destroyed by Monsanto;  the pushing of GM everywhere although it has been demonstrated to be less productive than even supposedly “wasteful” organic  farming and does not boost yields, not to mention being downright bad for health; the huge reduction of global food and grain reserves over the last few years world-wide – the list goes on… Here’s the Cornell University report on organic farming vs GMO:

Energy Supply

Right, lets move on to energy. Wordwide we are using limited supplies of highly polluting ressouces to provide our energy. When we are not doing that, we are using expensive and dangerous nuclear sources, that will have to be watched over by endless future generations of scientists to avoid radioactive catastrophy. All this while free energy has been around for nearly a hundred years – probably more. Patents for using “standing wave” electricity, drawing energy directly from the earth’s huge, unlimited electric field were registered in the 1920’s ! They were bought and buried by companies like IG Farben when they were taking time off from helping set up Nazi Germany.

And now we find ourselves being asked to pay “carbon credits” to compensate for the damage all these companies have knowingly inflicted on the world ? Years back when I was jokingly saying that air will be taxed when they can get away with it I didn’t realise how soon it was going to happen.

No government will interfere with the huge energy companies quite simply because creating dependency on an electric grid is one of the best ways of ensuring social control, so don’t expect any help from them. In fact, politicians like Blair and Brown make most of their money from checks for “services rendered”  to oil companies and other financial giants, so expecting them to improve anything is just plain stupid. Their actions bare this out just about every week.

In fact, there are many ways of generating power without depending on the grid – I have engineer friends who can run a household on a few hundred dollars of equipment – forever !

Here’s a magnetic generator using switched phase permanent magnetic fields:

Here’s the theory (touching on Schumann resonances) as outlined by Nikolai Tesla – you know, the forgotten genius who invented amongst other things the AC/DC we use everywhere – forgotten probably because he invented workable free energy:

I hope any engineers reading this take note and get back into their workshops.

Solutions ?

So what are we going to do about all this ?

Well, My solution is to start a global insurgency against these parasitic, monopolistic, downright deadly (for us) systems. With several internationaly renowned economists, money reformers and thinkers we are going to start a “we the people” forum soon, where we will centralise information on the current world issues, along with solutions that “we the people” can apply directly in our own lives.

The people currently destroying the advancement and enlightenment of our civilisation for their own power and fear of losing control must be stopped. I would suggest regrouping every human being who is not a minion of these evil creatures into a worldwide organisation called “we the people”, and when we have enough sheer numbers, force the globalists to start actually benefitting humanity by pointing out far and wide their evil actions and the many viable alternatives, on every media. If not, they will have to go… If they are not stupid, they could even use their considerable pool of ressources and human brainpower – currently used for the worst possible causes – to clear their act up and sincerely help humanity progress to a new level of civilisation. Unfortunately they seem to mostly have psychopathic personalities: a bad sign because a psychopath’s reaction when “found out” is often violence, even when it leads to his own doom.

A nice inspirational video by the Argentine analyst Adrian Salbuchi:

part one:

part two:

So, who out there has the “cojones” to actually stop moaning about things and do something about them ? Hopefully a lot of you, otherwise we will be facing global catastrophy within 18 months..

Spread the word. I’ll give the “we the people” forum url as soon as it’s ready. We need to start our “Grass Roots Think Tank” !

The tree of Liberty is parched from lack of water. Go grab a watering can !

Otherwise it might end up watered by “the blood of patriots” yet again…


A new monetary system that would prevent economic collapse

Contrarily to our useless politicians whose “solutions” for the current economic crisis are to create yet more debt and ruin countless future generations, there are highly qualified people out there who have already designed effective systems that would change the nature of the world economy, and hugely benefit the “man in the street”, his freedom and finances – something fairly inexistant right now.

One of the systems I like the most has been designed by Richard C. Cook.

A short summary video:

An interview with R. C. Cook: … y-corseri/

An in-depth explanation of the new monetary system: … -c-cook-2/

This is a perfect demonstration that there are workable, highly beneficial economic systems. This one was submitted to the G20 last year, along with a petition. Of course it was totally ignored. The very fact that our “leaders” continue to maintain and support such a debilitating economic system as the current one, that hugely benefits the few at the expense of the many, is one more demonstration that the interests of “we the people” are the last things on their minds. Having looked at just about every monetary system humanity has used over time (where records are still available), I conclude that without a doubt we are now using the worse possible one, ever…

The only likely outcome of maintaining the current debt-based economy is financial feudalism and re-entering the Dark Ages; a time of famine, poverty, suffering and ignorance for the vast majority.

We need a monetary revolution to stop this. Now !

Otherwise don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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