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How US elections are rigged via software manipulation

Watch this and take in the implications:!

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Secret meetings between the Elite: a new trend or old habit ?

The elite of the American rich got together again in secret on May 5th at the Rockefeller university Presidential room. Present were: Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, David Rockefeller Jr., Oprah Winfrey, George Soros, Ted Turner, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and many more. The estimated combined net worth of those at the meeting tops a staggering $200 billion. reported on this first, days after the event.

They were alleged to be meeting to comment on the uncertain financial future and to discuss their philanthropic activities.

I find that slightly doubtful: why all the secrecy if they are discussing charity ? The lowest 20 percent of the U.S. population by income gives over twice as much as a percentage of their income as the wealthiest, highly mediatised 20 percent without resorting to media black-out secret meetings.

It seems that every day more aspects of our collective future are to be determined by financial supermen in undemocratic, undisclosed conclaves.

There is nothing new, historically, about the rich and powerful discussing the world’s fate behind closed doors – the only difference now being the huge increase in the number of people affected by their ideologies and decisions.

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Investigating the Bilderburg Conference, Guardian style

These are the reports from a Guardian journalist who dared try to approach the yearly Bilderburg Conference in Greece. This is an annual get together – in an undisclosed location somewhere in Europe or the US – of all the top movers and shakers in the western world. A Conference where allegedly they all come to agreements about the direction our collective future should be going. Numerous presidents and prime ministers (Blair, Brown, Sarkozy and Clinton to name a few  – even Obama dissappeared for two days during his election campaign while the last Biderburg Conference was on in the US) have been invited over the years, often during the year preceding their election ! Monarchy from all over Europe are present, as well as all the biggest industrialists and financiers.

The problem for the journalist, as you will see, is the total secrecy conditions of the meeting, with – up to now – a total press blackout on everything that is said or decided there. Over the years a few intrepid reporters have managed to obtain some details, or at least know who attended, but not much more.

This reporter, who starts out with quite a humourous approach, learns the hard way that the big boys take their secrecy very seriously:

1st report:

I love the way he finishes the first report with:

Charlie Skelton will be filing regular updates from Athens until he is arrested by shadowy figures in dark glasses.

Little does he know that later on that is exactly what happens.

2nd report:

3rd report:

4th report:

5th report:

6th report:

One question I ask: If the bilderburg Conference is the yearly meeting of the most powerful politicians, financiers and industrialists in the world, discussing how they are going to cooperate to drive our collective future, then why does the Guardian only send one reporter with a crappy digital camera and no support of any kind, rather than a full team of professionals who might actually have a chance of obtaining some useful information ? Silly question I suppose… Perhaps we should ask them what they think “news” is ?

So this is a conference of all the most powerful men in our “democratic” countries working together. Hmmm. Something about it doesn’t sound “democratic” to me…

For my french friends, there is a webpage on the Bilderburgers, with a list of the 2003 invitees, here pour les Francais…

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