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How US elections are rigged via software manipulation

Watch this and take in the implications:!

No comment is necessary…


Web-Bot forecasts global financial collapse and revolution

I’ve always thought that the internet, if used in an intelligent way, could be a tool for understanding part of the human unconsciousness, at least that of the subculture that has the money for a computer and the literacy to write something – This does unfortunately exclude many other subcultures completely who don’t happen to fulfill these criteria and tend to get totaly forgotten by everyone these days, and whose own collective unconsciousness has few ways of interacting with the world via modern technology, but at least we can get a better grasp on the inner worlds of the masses of computer users that populate the web  – most of the industrialised world and it’s activities.

A group of linguists and computer scientists who have pushed this approach to the extreme are those responsible for the Web-Bot project. For those of you who have never heard of it their Web-Bot is a very complex and ambitious program involving millions of “bots” that scour the net daily; I’ll try to explain my understanding of it: They put out requests for the bots to scan for various theme words that appear with high frequency, and the bots grab any text found anywhere on the net that contains the theme, keeping words preceding and following the theme word. Those then get filtered, categorized and counted, with the result being a list of associations with the theme word, in order of occurence, with dates, etc. This they have engineered into a kind of forecast system, not of the absolute future, but of a combination of human expectations and all the real data, news etc. that resides on the web in any shape or form.

The system is far from perfect, and has some known drawbacks, but does very well forecasting very big, worldwide events, and events that depend on a lot of web based data.

So, seeing all the Doom and Gloom currently circulating throughout the trend research community, from LEAP predicting global systemic crisis to Gerald Celente pronouncing “the first shots in the second American revolution have been fired”, I thought I would get the mighty Web-Bot’s take on our near future. I was not disappointed ! Quite a read !

The Web-Bot’s forecasts, and the interpretations of the Web-Bot team are extremely alarming – they seem to have evolved considerably in their outlook on the world since they started making stock market forecasts twelve years ago.

I think I detect just a touch of cynicism in their reports…

Amongst other things they forecast within the next two years (!):

– The imminent collapse of the dollar, followed by most of the global financial system (by late October the markets should show some serious wobble…)

– Epidemics from laborotary originated diseases AND the vaccinations used to treat them

– Mass refusal of obligatory vaccination

– Global famine – the worst in memory

– Riots, “refuseniks”, revolts, lawlessness

– Numerous assassinations of members of the oligarchy, their underlings, and even TV & media personalities representing their interests

– Insurrection against the elite in the US, that eventually goes global, when many revelations about the extent of their nefarious activities emerge (whistleblower and “save my skin” epidemic)

– New forms of insurrection eschewing violence, but many other violent groups

– Intensification of earthquakes and freak weather, winds, floods, “life threatening moments” – human migration from coastal areas

– big problems with the global fisheries – rapid die-off of many fish

– Creation of alternative markets, black markets

– Disasterous attack of Israel on Iran, leading to lethal global fallout after a nuclear “accident”

– Isreal being very surprised by Iranian (+ allies) defences and being vitrified by atomics

– In 2010, mansions and palaces of the wealthy will be burned down. Symbols of corporate power will be attacked by mobs

– The Vatican, suspected of storing food, will be burned and looted by hungry mobs (apparently a lot of linguistic fire references in our future !) after using gas or chemical weapons in defence

– collapse of many forms of infrastructure

– Attempts at restricting movement and martial law by governments that fail fairly fast, but after a lot of casualties

– Succesful long term sustainable “breakaway civilization” movements that simply step away from society to make their own

– Big, terminal problems for our Governments that are forced to clean up their act or be replaced

…and a litany of other hootin’ tootin’, rock n’rolling, earth shaking, paradigm shifting, planet busting stuff !

One point they dwell on and return to often is the revelation of the extent of the evil activities of our psychopathic elites by whistleblowers, betrayals, backstabbing, etc… Well, anyone reading this Blog will know what I think of that. ‘Bout bloody time !

And that’s even before you get to the “SpaceGoatFarts” section where the Web-Bot project dumps all the strange linguistic artefacts that don’t fit in anywhere else, or that are otherwise beyond the pale. Here apparently we should expect contact with aliens good and bad, on and off-planet, with hostile acts on both sides – starting with NASA trying to bomb the moon ! Dammit, Fox Mulder was right…

A word of warning before freaking out: there is a “built in error toward the most extreme connotations available in language and trend interpretation.” “The information presented uses words that presume the worst-case for future manifestation of the collective unconsciousness” say the Web-Bot team.

Unfortunately Web-Bot has correctly predicted many large scale events in the past well before they happened, and the worst case scenario came to pass: both 9-11 and the current economic crash amongst other things.

If a quarter of their forecast occurs, even to a lesser degree, we are in for the wildest – and most dangerous – times in our lives.

Just in case the Web-Bot is right, maybe we should start thinking of ways of attenuating the more extreme events now. I for one, will discourage any form of violent revolution (except in self-defence, of course) – there are so many more intelligent forms of civil disobedience that are far more effective; I think Ghandi proved that. So if people out there want to kick over the sand castle, please think carefully about what you are doing – and the consequences – first. Violence attracts repression like a magnet so is counter productive. Besides, it seems there will be easily enough violence to go around anyway.

See you soon; I’m off back to my (breakaway civilisation)


Poison the planet and make the victims pay – Political Ponerology or the genesis of evil

I have been looking into industrial chemicals and their toxicity for some time, and yesterday decided to do a little experiment to check a sneaking suspicion. As usual the whole thing ended up going a lot further…

Poisoning the Planet

I wandered around my house making a list of items picked completely at random from every room, kitchen to bathroom (even including some food, drink, cosmetics, ornaments, gadgets, decorations, gifts; you name it… I then divided the list of objects into two groups: those that were produced by an old traditional method: craftsman, individual or artist on one side – so this included everything from pottery to ornaments, to a cheese, a bottle of wine, hand-made clothes, wooden furniture etc to make list A and then into list B went all the things that were industrially designed and mass produced – this included things like packaged foods, sauces, all cosmetics, cleaning products and soaps, gadgets, computers, “Ikea” style furniture, even carpets. I then took each item on both lists and examined it’s ingredients or components for… toxicity !

After a bit of research and some internet searches I made two more lists: toxic and non-toxic, putting all the items containing plastics that reduce fertility, molecules that damage the brain or nervous system, heavy metals that slowly poison you, etc into one list and all the products that contained virtually no toxins or none at all into the other.

It became shockingly obvious first of all that the list of household items containing nasty ingredients was far longer than the “safe item” list, and secondly, a large number of the items on random list A were non-toxic  whereas every single industrially designed, mass produced item on my random list B was on the “toxic/poisonous” list – every single item contained some form of environmentally unfriendly molecule or health imparing toxin – usually quite a few… Even clingfilm wrap used on supermarket food is not exempt, containing petrochemicals that impair fertility and slowly poison you. The worst item was an old computer stuffed with a scary number of toxic, environmentaly disasterous components, but a lot of cosmetics and bathroom items were pretty high on the list too. It seems that things you put on your skin (especially women, with men being the dogs that they are) every day are pretty nasty; full of petrochemicals that cause nerve & brain damage, cancer, spinal damage, etc.

It’s startling to discover that you are washing your hair and cleaning your teeth with products that are also used as anti-freeze, engine degreasers and solvents !

Now, this is when my blood starts to boil and my “caustic paranoid” analysis system wants to leap into the situation and devour it’s prey !

How come for most of human history people have made things for each other either for trade or some form of community or family service, without having to include enviro-toxins and poisons for free with every product, except on rare occasions when total ignorance was involved – mad hatters and mercury comes to mind, as do Romans and their lead piping ? What has changed in our contemporary society that obliges our globalised, commitee designed, mass produced stuff to be so bad for the environment and ourselves ? Especially as we do not have the excuse of ignorance – most petrochemical or other synthetics and molecules have been studied to death by our military-industrial complex decades ago, and the effects of nearly every one thoroughly understood.

It seems that as every year passes, as more and more of the “old fashioned craftsmen” and their “outdated methods” dissappear, and more small family businesses are replaced by ever-merging, ever huger corporations, the products our society becomes inundated with become more and more toxic and dangerous. The evidence surrounds us and is staggering.

I can think of several reasons:

To start with small local businesses and craftsmen in the vast majority of cases previously had a personal relationship with their customers, so had to take complaints directly. Have you ever tried to complain to Unilever or Nestlé because you think their products are poisoning your kids ? The process isn’t quite as simple as it used to be… Who benefits from the change ? Certainly not the customer.

Add to that the modus operandi of corporate “culture”, where everything revolves around the “bottom line” and while presenting a PR reinforced facade of ethical behaviour for the public, only practice ethics in their business if it is profitable. If it is cheaper – including legal costs if they get caught – to get something done in an unethical or even illegal way, then a big corporation will probably go for it – as long as the bottom line is maintained at all costs. I witnessed this personally years back, working for a branch of Pepsi co. and at another time for Total Fina Elf. Both companies maintained a carefuly smiling facade while getting up to corporate practices of a cynicism and (for Elf) disdain for the rule of law – and human life – that were pretty shocking for me, youngster that I was in the world of internationalised evil. I won’t go into what they were up to here – maybe in another post once I’ve checked with a lawyer. These days they can poison humanity and get away with it, but if you accuse them the wrong way you can get into a lot of trouble !

The reason my blood boils is that fewer and fewer people end up owning more and more of the world every year – in 2008 there were 793 Billionnaires with a combined worth of $ 2,400,000,000,000 – far more than the combined worth of the three billion poorest people on the planet (Forbes) – and these mega rich tend to be the ones owning all these vast globalised industries that produce poisonous products to sell to the rest of us. Not only does this not seem to bother them, but if you look around you find many papers and publications produced over the last 100 years actually advocating the practice in the name of depopulation, or other Malthusian or Fabian ideologies. I think those are just polite pretexts to, as the Dead Kennedys band would put it: Kill, kill, kill the poor !”

Political Ponerology

If you want to push things even further, far from mentioning some conspiracy theory – though they abound – I would encourage everyone to read a highly thought-provoking book – almost mind-blowing – called Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski. This amazing book, suppressed for over 50 years, first by the communists, then the Vatican, and last by Brzezinski himself before eventually breaking out into the light of day is the result of decades of research by a team of Polish scientists on psychopaths and their effect as a group on society. I will go into it in depth in another post – I might even devote a special page to the subject, it’s so important. But for a good list of quotes in the mean time, look here.

It’s not very surprising the Communists, the Vatican and Brzezinski were so worried about a book describing how a certain category of psychopaths were supremely equipped psychologicaly to rise fast to the top positions in society, which they would then dominate, and transform slowly into entire institutions with psychopathic deviant behaviour, despite the fact that psychopaths only represent 4-6% of the population ? And the more repressive and irrational the culture, the more people undergo the stresses and pressures that can “push them over the edge” and make them imitate psychopathic behaviour patterns or “go psycho” themselves. A very viscious circle. Very visible too, these days !

What characterises a psychopath ? Total lack of feeling for another person’s emotions – they seem to lack the part of the brain enabling any form of empathy – this allows them to become pitiless masters of manipulation – a very important aspect of hardcore psychos – and capable of inflicting huge pain, killing or causing many deaths without feeling the slightest guilt or remorse. Most of them don’t even understand the concept of guilt or remorse except as an expoitable weakness in their victims. They also learn early to hide extremely well their lack of empathy by simulating emotions they observe, which gives many of them a great capacity for charm – until you get to know them better, or become a victim to their games. Disturbingly, many psychopaths are completely aware of their condition and resent their small numbers compared to the rest of humanity. Apparently most psychopaths are capable of recognising another psychopath almost instantly. Now that must help with the networking !

A psychopath is either born with cerebral lesions (often congenital), is brain-damaged after birth (accident, chemical exposure, drugs, etc…) or survives extreme physical or psychological pressure (torture, sexual abuse, etc..)by effectively suppressing the most human part of his personality definitively. It seems that when one doesn’t use the parts of the brain related to empathy and emotions for a while, they wither away.

One would think that the top positions of our governments, banks and corporations would be ideal for such deviants, where they can make decisions affecting and manipulating multitudes, order the deaths of huge numbers of people without batting an eyelid, and generally get a rush playing with the lives of the ants… And just getting to that position requires so much back-stabbing ! What fun !

It would also go towards explaining why they decide, out of a vast array of materials and chemicals available, to choose the subtely toxic ones for the mass produced products we use every day. I would like someone to find a better explanation. Even the bottom line argument has it’s limits when you see that some dangerous ingredients of household products actually cost more than their safe counterparts.

The book is compellingly written, the evidence almost irrefutable – even down to brain lesions that are found in extreme psychopaths that also occur in the brains of a certain class of politician or corporate leader, or the documented influence of a psychopath in a position of authority that attracts other psychopaths of a lesser stripe, and even worse, forces normal people in the vicinity to emulate sociopathic behaviour in order to survive. Then you have entire societies run by psychopaths, where sick behaviour becomes the norm enforced by the police and army, who become themselves considerably disturbed through an “entrainment” effect.

Reminds me of a day in the office – in the days when I was in an office.

Remember the Nazis, the Stazi, the Stalinist purges, or the Shah’s regime ? Extreme cases but far from isolated…

The scientists who wrote the book lived through the harshest years of communism, and studied the behaviour and actual brains of many nasty officials and political leaders, as well as a lot of criminals and psychopaths. It is quite frightening when many of the factors used in the book to recognise a psychopathocracy are currently present in many governments around the world, nearly all multinational corporations and in global institutions…

So what happens when you have a bunch of hugely wealthy and powerful psychopaths lording it over the more human majority of the population (we’re not brain damaged, remember ?…).

You just have to open the newspaper to bear witness to the disaster.

One problem psychopathocracies have is that often people are recruited to positions of importance for their psychopathic characteristics and not their actual talent at whatever they are supposed to be doing, which leads to huge inefficiency and irrational, often dangerous situations for the multitudes of citizens unlucky enough to bear the brunt of their decisions.

Terrorism ? Global Warming ? Epidemics ? These pose minimal danger compared to the daily activities of psychopaths in power that happily play the games that start the wars, financial collapses and other societal disasters that effect our lives irreversibly. Not to mention the permanent psychological damage caused to entire populations by their depredations. They are really laughing at getting the general populace to pay for their environmental damage, financial and social parasitism, and genocidal wars. We ignorantly foot the bill every time…

In the same way you judge a tree by it’s fruits, you can judge a society by it’s products.

I think we should have mandatory testing for psychopathic tendencies for everyone in any kind of position of authority. Some very good tests exist – lie detectors do not work on a psychopath. Until that is done, there is a daily growing movement around the world that will point out their every abuse, manipulation or mistake on every kind of media until the situation becomes clear for enough people to change it.

And who knows, just doing that might change the world.


The latest joke buzzword in Finance: oversight

Don’t you get a fuzzy warm feeling too when the word “oversight” is used several times in the same soundbite from some polititian or economist ? It sounds reassuring that some important sounding body is being given the job of watching over our great and grimy financial institutions…

Unfortunately, the bigger the bank, the less the oversight.

If anyone out there still doubts how little oversight exists over the banks that hold the entire finances of powerful countries in their hands, here is a video of  the Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations hearing of May 5, 2009

It would seem incredible, almost funny video if this was not the future debt of countless generations of americans that is being dealt with in such an arrogant, opaque way.

It seems to add insult to injury the federal Reserve is even making interest on the tax payer money used to bail out it’s own institutions.

No wonder US gun shops have broken all their records selling more ammunition over the last few months to american citizenry than ever in history…

Well, it is about time this vampiric system got changed, but it would be nice if it could be done in a peaceful, sensible way rather than the usual bloodbath.

To cut years of world-wide agony short maybe confiscating the assets of everyone involved at the top levels, investing the money in alternative energy and putting all big money wall street types to work replanting the amazon would be a good idea. Unfortunately our governments represent their interests and not ours, so they will prefer to let the world economy collapse, throw everyone in the West into debt-slavery from birth, and starve the third world to death. Sound improbable ? It’s happening as I speak…

The elite probably think they don’t need us peasants any more anyway, at least in such numbers – after all, since the “post war dream” we have developped science and technology enough already for them to all live in health and luxury from now on, with a few servants and all the cheap technology money can buy – the rest of us can be plunged into an impoverished dark ages.

But in stride with the “normalising the unthinkable” process, chipping away at humanity’s very essence, I’m sure a lot of people would ignorantly help them achieve that unspeakable end.


Corrupt MPs are the consequence of an anti-democratic system

With the amount of stuff going on out there at the moment I hardly know where to start ! So while I work out what to write on for the next post, here’s an article to get your teeth into:

There are not many journalists out there who really say it how it is, even when faced with the blatantly obvious, which explains why a lot of people are so unaware of most of the real issues behind our current era of crisis. The few journalists that do have their good days and bad and sometimes miss the mark but they make a refreshing difference.

In this article Pilger points something very important thet has been happening in British politics for years but has been pretty muched “glossed over” by distracting people’s attention to other things, namely that the two main British political parties have converged into a “single ideology business state” with almost identical social, economic and foreign policies. This, locally and globally, is the source of most of our current woes.

He mentions “normalising the unthinkable” in relation to Blair, who deceived Britain into breaking international law and committing horrendous war crimes and genocide while being promoted by the media and rewarded with prizes for his “peace” work – at the same time pocketing huge checks from big oil for services rendered… but he only scratches the surface of that dark and twisty path; after all we live in a society where a majority watch people being murdered on screen in order to relax;  where children are taught to emulate psychopathic and exploitative behaviour in schools and whose only provided role models are selfish, vain and vacuous human beings; where powerful nations pull their enemies up for war crimes while breaking international law repeatedly themselves invading countries using pretexted casus belli and massacring millions of innocent civilians – with the “PR” help of a vastly complicit media; the list goes on and on about the things we rational, supposedly ethical people tolerate without thinking twice – or is that the Orwelian “doublethink” that has already caught us in it’s foul grasp: the capacity to maintain two absurdly conflicting truths in one’s head at the same time in a sort of unquestioned limbo ?

So if the politicians, bankers, etc have managed to pull the wool over our eyes so well and pillage our society so effectively, it is not just their fault, but ours too, for tolerating the intolerable, and compromising when a stand should have been made time after time. Add to that the naivety of thinking that all the really important information we need to ensure a good life will be brought to us on a plate at a time when money, power and media go hand-in-hand (hint: not yours) and information provides the “edge” that ensures their success.

Maybe a large part of it is emulation, where we all unconsciously accept as “normal” the behaviour of the richest and most powerful among us, however depraved and evil. We are social animals to a certain extent, so perhaps blinders kick in automaticaly when our critical thinking should be screaming injustice, in order to protect our position in the group. After all, what does a pack of wolves know about ethics ? I would hope we evolved beyond that at some point.

It seems like those that control money, power and media are symbiotic towards each other and parasitic to the rest of us. Many parasites kill their hosts if not dealt with in time so we had better watch out !

I hope I can share Mr. Pilger’s optimism about the British people.

Hmm, that gives me a few ideas for my next posts…


Sex, booze…. and government grants

As a small example of the differences of perception between the East and the West here is the kind of story that would be the joke of the month in Asia if any newspaper dared publish it. It’s already silly enough as it is but I’ll explain what the Asian take on it would be:

So you thought that was ridiculous ?

If the Chinese government (or any other Asian institution) dared to fund a project with this kind of set up people would be crying “corruption !”, “aiding and abetting ciminals !”; “financing the Triads !” “institutional cronyism !” etc…

Not to mention “scandalous waste of public money !”

And here’s why:

In China 99% of prostitution is run by the Triads (asian mafias). A great majority of the “commercial sex venues” are also run by the Triads. The “gatekeepers” mentioned in the article (a lovely politicaly correct word for “pimps”) are also usually Triads, or join pretty fast if they don’t want to end up trying to swim out of a river with a truck axle tied to their feet or be chopped into a thousand pieces with meat cleavers (called the “thousand cuts” punishment – charming !)

So what the NIAA is doing here is effectively giving researchers tax payers money for several years in a row to hang around in seedy – but expensive – Karaoke bars with prostitutes while obviously buying drinks and “other services” from the establishment – “Field observation”  they call it… Having been dragged into a few myself in the past by Asian businessmen I can guarantee that you do not get into these places without spending some money, even if you are a five star PLA general – In fact as a member of an institution you would be expected to spend more or “da boyz” might throw you out. In addition, time is money for Triads, so spending time with any girl(s), whether for filling out a questionnaire, a chat or any sexual fantasy that happens to be going through your head, costs money.

So 95% of the money spent in these places by the “researchers” will end up in Triad hands.

In addition to that, if the girls drink it is for several reasons:

1/ They get a cut on every drink bought for them by a customer. No amount of education will stop this happening; for a lot of them “lady drink” money is half or more of their income.

2/ For the younger, inexperienced girls drinking helps to break down their inhibitions, allowing them to attract custom more easily – and forget all the nasty experiences they could have…

3/ The older girls are often alcoholics for the previous two reasons.

So could a government program change anything ? Not no. 1 because the girl’s income depends on it. Not no. 2 because it’s a psychological necessity – unless the US government want’s to give all prostitutes a free supply of Rohypnol, Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate (GHB) or Ketamine Hydrochloride (all date rape drugs) – but that wouldn’t be very ethical if you ask me… And not no. 3 because the best way to change those girls habits is to get them off “the game” and back into their familes or into rehab ! But we wouldn’t want that – the “researchers” would be out of a job and might have to actually do something productive… and the Chinese government certainly wouldn’t want meddling Americans damaging their tourist trade !

And if you think all that is nuts, read the report on the 400,000 $ being spent by the american NIH on researching the links between gay sex and alcohol on bars in Argentina (!):

After all, in this day and age, we have nothing better to blow large amounts of money on after all !

Maybe these are all just bogus programs designed to compensate government employees for “services rendered” with exotic holidays far from tax payer scrutiny… It does make one wonder !


Investigating the Bilderburg Conference, Guardian style

These are the reports from a Guardian journalist who dared try to approach the yearly Bilderburg Conference in Greece. This is an annual get together – in an undisclosed location somewhere in Europe or the US – of all the top movers and shakers in the western world. A Conference where allegedly they all come to agreements about the direction our collective future should be going. Numerous presidents and prime ministers (Blair, Brown, Sarkozy and Clinton to name a few  – even Obama dissappeared for two days during his election campaign while the last Biderburg Conference was on in the US) have been invited over the years, often during the year preceding their election ! Monarchy from all over Europe are present, as well as all the biggest industrialists and financiers.

The problem for the journalist, as you will see, is the total secrecy conditions of the meeting, with – up to now – a total press blackout on everything that is said or decided there. Over the years a few intrepid reporters have managed to obtain some details, or at least know who attended, but not much more.

This reporter, who starts out with quite a humourous approach, learns the hard way that the big boys take their secrecy very seriously:

1st report:

I love the way he finishes the first report with:

Charlie Skelton will be filing regular updates from Athens until he is arrested by shadowy figures in dark glasses.

Little does he know that later on that is exactly what happens.

2nd report:

3rd report:

4th report:

5th report:

6th report:

One question I ask: If the bilderburg Conference is the yearly meeting of the most powerful politicians, financiers and industrialists in the world, discussing how they are going to cooperate to drive our collective future, then why does the Guardian only send one reporter with a crappy digital camera and no support of any kind, rather than a full team of professionals who might actually have a chance of obtaining some useful information ? Silly question I suppose… Perhaps we should ask them what they think “news” is ?

So this is a conference of all the most powerful men in our “democratic” countries working together. Hmmm. Something about it doesn’t sound “democratic” to me…

For my french friends, there is a webpage on the Bilderburgers, with a list of the 2003 invitees, here pour les Francais…

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