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A dose of humour to help survive the ongoing financial, ecological, and humanitarian disasters facing us

It is important to be aware of the terrible things going on around the world, but also to sit back and laugh once in a while ! So many dreadful things are happening every day it is easy just to get lost in a miasma of despair, while drowning in a flood of conflicting, emotionally charged news stories, blogs and reports. This can also lead to confusion because it is easy to lose your own point of view, your own reference position, when submerged by a host of yapping, contradictory opinions spouting from all corners on the net on just about any subject.

It’s in these moments that twisting things around – seeing or inventing the funny side – can help detach you from details you can get lost in, or even protect you from losing your rational judgment of an event by being overcome by emotional factors – remember that an information source truth or factualness has nothing to do with the skill of it’s writers in producing strong emotions in the reader. And strong emotions provoked can change your mental makeup, incrementally altering any solid point of view over time, because strong emotions or sensations always make a more indelible imprint on our minds than rational understanding even if rationality has a better handle on the real world. Your psyche cares a lot more about emotions and sensations than anything happening “out there” in reality. Reality has little to do with it.  Goebbels designed a great propaganda system for Hitler based on these concepts… the USSR and China used similar methods in their education and propaganda systems – and most successful journalists, writers and bloggers use similar techniques to acquire a large audience. This can be great when combined with  a really good source of information, but have terrible consequences when it fills people with illusions.

This is also why politicians continuously try to stimulate the “lower emotions” – their skill in this being totally independent of the worthiness – or lack of the same – of the cause they are promoting.

So what do you do to keep your head in a position where innumerable vested interests are trying to sway you this  way and that ?

You can step back, and make funny – even if you have to resort to absolute cynicism – the most desperate seeming situation – and thus force your intellect to play with your emotions, breaking their toehold and making life difficult for any false certitudes…

I’ve found a very good, fairly irreverent site to visit when all the economic/financial news starts becoming overwhelming: the Borowitz Report

The writer takes companies, people or events from current news stories and writes bogus, fictitious articles that say exactly what didn’t happen, and illustrate via the absurd the collective insanity of our society.

Need a laugh ? Check out these hilarious recent stories:

Have fun ! And make space for it in your lives…


Failing mass Media

I’m afraid my blogging absence is going to be prolonged: I have a jungle valley in SE Asia to explore, and I doubt there will be a phone connection, let alone internet !

In passing, here is a recent article I absolutely agree with about the collapsing standards of mass media, and it’s role with the public:

Indeed, until the big media barons get their act sorted out, gleaning the internet while taking everything with a pinch of salt seems to be the best way of understanding the news.

See you all soon !


Corrupt MPs are the consequence of an anti-democratic system

With the amount of stuff going on out there at the moment I hardly know where to start ! So while I work out what to write on for the next post, here’s an article to get your teeth into:

There are not many journalists out there who really say it how it is, even when faced with the blatantly obvious, which explains why a lot of people are so unaware of most of the real issues behind our current era of crisis. The few journalists that do have their good days and bad and sometimes miss the mark but they make a refreshing difference.

In this article Pilger points something very important thet has been happening in British politics for years but has been pretty muched “glossed over” by distracting people’s attention to other things, namely that the two main British political parties have converged into a “single ideology business state” with almost identical social, economic and foreign policies. This, locally and globally, is the source of most of our current woes.

He mentions “normalising the unthinkable” in relation to Blair, who deceived Britain into breaking international law and committing horrendous war crimes and genocide while being promoted by the media and rewarded with prizes for his “peace” work – at the same time pocketing huge checks from big oil for services rendered… but he only scratches the surface of that dark and twisty path; after all we live in a society where a majority watch people being murdered on screen in order to relax;  where children are taught to emulate psychopathic and exploitative behaviour in schools and whose only provided role models are selfish, vain and vacuous human beings; where powerful nations pull their enemies up for war crimes while breaking international law repeatedly themselves invading countries using pretexted casus belli and massacring millions of innocent civilians – with the “PR” help of a vastly complicit media; the list goes on and on about the things we rational, supposedly ethical people tolerate without thinking twice – or is that the Orwelian “doublethink” that has already caught us in it’s foul grasp: the capacity to maintain two absurdly conflicting truths in one’s head at the same time in a sort of unquestioned limbo ?

So if the politicians, bankers, etc have managed to pull the wool over our eyes so well and pillage our society so effectively, it is not just their fault, but ours too, for tolerating the intolerable, and compromising when a stand should have been made time after time. Add to that the naivety of thinking that all the really important information we need to ensure a good life will be brought to us on a plate at a time when money, power and media go hand-in-hand (hint: not yours) and information provides the “edge” that ensures their success.

Maybe a large part of it is emulation, where we all unconsciously accept as “normal” the behaviour of the richest and most powerful among us, however depraved and evil. We are social animals to a certain extent, so perhaps blinders kick in automaticaly when our critical thinking should be screaming injustice, in order to protect our position in the group. After all, what does a pack of wolves know about ethics ? I would hope we evolved beyond that at some point.

It seems like those that control money, power and media are symbiotic towards each other and parasitic to the rest of us. Many parasites kill their hosts if not dealt with in time so we had better watch out !

I hope I can share Mr. Pilger’s optimism about the British people.

Hmm, that gives me a few ideas for my next posts…



“Do what thy manhood bids thee do,

From none but self expect applause;

He noblest lives and noblest dies

Who makes and keeps his self-made laws.”

-Sir Richard Francis Burton

I’ve finally decided to set up a blog at the request of a few of my friends and family, and also in the interest of reducing time sending lengthy emails to the four corners of the earth to a limited group of people ! Just a few words of introduction (I’ll do a more involved bio in the “about” section when I get round to it) first for those who don’t know me before I get down to the serious – and not so serious – stuff:

I use the internet as a sort of cyber-implant plugin for my brain when I’m thinking or working on almost any subject. I consider the internet like a technological Jungian pool of human collective consciousness – and unconsciousness, and the accessing of it akin to using the I-ching to consult an encyclopaedia collated by a schitzophrenic. So don’t be surprised if I post articles or other media from wildly opposing viewpoints, political bents, ideologies and philosophies ! For me that’s part of the point of this technology – If we use internet just to develop views we already hold, I find it reduces its potential for truly expanding the mind and consciousness of the reality we all share. Right now I think that developping this consciousness – and trying to understand the differences that define us all is one of the keys of the survival of the human race ! Throughout history most people have been shut in their little boxes, concerned only with the knowledge surrounding their professions, friends and family, relying on mainstream media for information on everything outside their box. The problem here is that most mainstream media has continuously been influenced by what each media considers “politically correct” for their readers/consumers – or sponsors – thus creating another box that only reveals a very small and distorted view of the world at large.

I have traveled extensively, and lived for significant periods of time in several countries, and this, along with my own background has shown me that even the histories taught in various places contradict each other, let alone the media ! It seems that vested interests are everywhere, and are hell-bent on getting across a version of reality that corresponds as closely as possible to their own aims or what they want their “target audience” to believe.

Single-handedly rewriting the whole history of humanity is impossible, and probably pointless, however I will try to get across a different way of apprehending information and when necessary will post articles that contradict mainstream thinking as much as possible in order to give a different – hopefully more enlightening – slant to the geopolitics of this amazingly complex world we live in. For the first time in history, every person with access to internet can see immediately what “the other side thinks”, and can even work out their drives, motivations, strengths and weaknesses. For the first time we can learn without depending on one person or institution, thus freeing up possibilities to make informed choices ourselves that have been inexistant up to now ! And, yes, there is an awful lot of rubbish out there but that doesn’t stop it conditionning people’s understanding and behaviour – or resulting from the same – so I reckon I will be posting some absolute rubbish too ! If only to make a point…

Feel free to make constructive comments on everything posted, and all suggestions for articles, websites and videos that follow the themes presented here are welcome !

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