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Swine ‘flu vaccine or money-making scheme ?

There is so much negative information on the net about the so-called “swine flu vaccine” that maybe this post is superfluous, but just in case some of you still believe that the big pharmaceutical companies are nice guys doing their best to help us, here are some links that might get you thinking:,1518,637119,00.html,1518,637119-2,00.html

I remember distinctly quite a few years ago sitting across the dinner table with a head of marketing of Bayer – one of the German pharmaceutical giants – and asking the man about the effectiveness of his company’s drugs. His answer: we have 3000 products; about three of them work; that is how we make money with the others… He then went on to talk about profits and costs, and looked rather surprised by my shock at the hypocrisy of the whole chemical medicine system. “Hey, that’s business” he said with a big smile. I realised then that I was facing a psychopath who had no concern for the well-being or health of his customers at all – just the bottom line… I have no doubts that he was a valuable asset to his company.

Since then I have met so many people cured of supposedly incurable diseases by (mostly) cheap alternative medecine solutions that I have little faith in poorly understood synthesized molecules to achieve any long term benefit whatsoever for people’s health, outside a few massively mediatised exceptions. On the contrary, I have two friends whose lives have been irrevocably ruined by vaccinations, one of who spent over twenty years fighting legally until a pharmaceutical company admitted it’s mistake. Even then, his lawyers were not good (expensive) enough to force any form of compensation. He can not walk – for life – because of vaccinations he was given while a child.

So yes, I have quite a few reservations concerning the under tested swine flu vaccination that has already killed polish homeless people it was first tested on. When you add to that the – successful – lobbying efforts of pharmaceutical companies to gain immunity from any legal liabilities (in the US at least) due to side effects or any damage caused by the new ‘flu vaccines that will be used in the US the whole thing becomes very sinister. Why would they need immunity from legal action if the vaccine was safe ? On the other hand, if the US government alone is paying seven billion dollars for this fast-tracked vaccination, it is obvious that worldwide huge money is involved. If you add to that the fact that the WHO leadership is composed of pharmaceutical company board-members and other people with a direct vested interest in medical companies, there are no reasons to trust their judgement at all. In addition, if you look at the hugely profitable (for them) fear mongering over SARS and bird flu previously that killed very few people but generated a ton of money for certain companies, it doesn’t encourage much confidence.

Another link that might interest you:

It seems to me that the concern manifested by the WHO about this “pandemic” (only named so because the WHO recently changed their definition of a pandemic to suit the situation – and no-doubt their “sponsors”) is mainly about generating huge profits for pharma companies. According to medical professionals I know, even the vastly mediatised death toll is disinformation – a large percentage of the people who have died had other ailments that, combined with the ‘flu, lead to their deaths – but still far less than your average seasonal ‘flu.

If that was not enough, there is considerable speculation from many health professionals that the three forms of virus contained in the vaccine will only help the swine flu virus to mutate into even more vicious forms that will kill more swiftly.

And I don’t even want to go into Baxter’s supplying vaccines contaminated with live bird flu virus to several european countries a few months ago – theoretically impossible with the levels of bio-security prevalent in vaccine labs. If  they hadn’t done a random test of the vaccine on ferrets in the Czech republic – that all died very quickly – this vaccine would have itself launched an epidemic, and might have combined with the swine flu to make something even more deadly… It’s called reassortment in the medical jargon, and the results are really, really nasty. Bioterrorism anyone ? The only investigations launched at a result of this were by the company itself, which seems very suspicious in an era where every man and his dog is a suspected terrorist, especially when the potential for mass death is so huge…

Check these links:


There are a load more, but that is enough, don’t you think ? If I start talking about ‘flu vaccine “adjuvants” that can leave you paralysed for life I’ll be here all night.

The pharma companies seem to be behaving in a way that could have very negative implications for the human race – and they really do want to make a lot of money.

I’m going to buy a load of organic vitamin C and D, because apparently it won’t be legal much longer (see previous post)…


An amazing massage experience

The other day I was briefly transformed into a musical instrument in a pretty unusual set of circumstances.

I was in a little side street of a backwater town of a mostly ignored little country in South East Asia, and went into a tiny establishment advertising modestly on a small billboard outside various cures using asian massage medical techniques. It had taken quite a bit of searching to find the place – 3 years on and off I had been looking – but here, via some rather unlikely individuals, I was.

The woman inside – who wouldn’t want me to qualify her as a doctor – spoke a little bit of English, but it scarcely seemed to matter; she radiated such an aura of gentleness and personal happiness as she answered my questions simply, I was pretty awestruck with what I can only describe as sheer positive energy that litterally shone out of her, while I sat in her spartan office with meditative asian music sofly playing in the background.

Beforehand I had learned that she studdied massage and medecine under a Vietnamese master, and then travelled to neighbouring countries to learn their techniques while practising in each country she visited. I had also learned that she was passionate about her art, and had helped out a surprising number of people. This fit in with exactly what I was looking for both for professional and personal reasons, and it was under the effects of a bit of stage fright that I mentioned my various ailments and told her to do her worst, with time not a consideration.

I’ve been lucky enough to experience the talents of a few expert asian healers over time, and know that it can be a transformative experience, but also a painful or uncomfortable one, but here I felt pretty good about the whole thing. I saw the previous patient leave beaming radiantly at the universe, which probably helped along with the doctor’s angel-like demeanor.

She started out with a series of massage techniques that got me relaxed and feeling good, and got a kink out of my neck and and lower back effortlessly with me barely registering it, but that was just the warm up. She then rips open a sealed packet and produces a small object that looked like a tiny hammer, with one end covered in tiny needles in a pattern. I had seen a similar hammer before – in chinese medicine the famous “prune tree flower hammer”, so named because of the rows of tiny needles on the hammer head that form a star like flower pattern, that gives it the appearance of an obscure torture device – which it is definately not. These needles penetrate just the surface of the skin as it is tapped very quickly and lightly, usually over a series of accupuncture points to achieve various results depending on the points and what else is being done to the patient.

In my case, she  starts drumming on my lower back each side of my spine softly with the hammer while alternating hammer touches – just strong enough to feel the impact – with firm and decisive pressure on various other points to the left and right, each touch feeling like her finger sunk into a well that opened between my muscles and tendons, while strangely each time leaving a sensation of sealing something when her fingers left my back. I  have never felt something quite like that, her movements so rapid that after a while they faded into a knitting sensation, as though my back was a frayed piece of wool she was reassembling. I realised with a bit of a shock after a few minutes that every touch with her hammer and fingers was perfectly in sync with the asian string instrument that had been twanging away in the background, tracing a complex harmonic of notes into my back as if playing a human xylophone. One hammer touch leaving a slightly tingling feeling, follower by several finger pressures on different points in succession rapidly, then another hammer touch before more finger pressures in time with the music that made my back feel like a flute being played allegro by some joyous skipping piper.

But stranger was to come: after a good while, it must of been twenty minutes “under the hammer”, when I was in such a completely receptive, relaxed state that I had become part of the massage table, an impression of warmth starting somewhere in my kidneys gradually spread to the surface, and the tiniest muscles and tendons of my back started moving of their own accord, jumping and rippling in response to every touch she made. as though they had decide to leave me to it and follow the piper’s every note. The feeling was incredible but unfortunately after a few more moments I either passed out or fell asleep. When I woke up she was still weaving her pattern, and my dorsal muscles were still doing their tiny repetetive movements in a circle clenching and unclenching around my spine of their own accord. After a while she unwound slowly the complex rythm, told me to sit there for a while and not do anything: it was important I didn’t sweat for the next ten minutes – the day was quite hot. I felt pretty amazing straight off while we chatted about a little project I want her to participate in (which I’m happy to say she agreed to with her glowing enthusiasm), eventually walked out in a bit of a daze and then over the next 48 hours felt very alive, with a back pain that has haunted me for the last two years transformed into a vague memory.

Epilogue: It’s now a week later and my back hasn’t felt this good for years !  It feels almost as good as it was years ago when I used to work on martial arts three to nine hours a day ! I will not give more details on her here, but will if someone interested in her services contacts me nicely by email – It’s in the comments on the “About” section of my blog

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