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A dose of humour to help survive the ongoing financial, ecological, and humanitarian disasters facing us

It is important to be aware of the terrible things going on around the world, but also to sit back and laugh once in a while ! So many dreadful things are happening every day it is easy just to get lost in a miasma of despair, while drowning in a flood of conflicting, emotionally charged news stories, blogs and reports. This can also lead to confusion because it is easy to lose your own point of view, your own reference position, when submerged by a host of yapping, contradictory opinions spouting from all corners on the net on just about any subject.

It’s in these moments that twisting things around – seeing or inventing the funny side – can help detach you from details you can get lost in, or even protect you from losing your rational judgment of an event by being overcome by emotional factors – remember that an information source truth or factualness has nothing to do with the skill of it’s writers in producing strong emotions in the reader. And strong emotions provoked can change your mental makeup, incrementally altering any solid point of view over time, because strong emotions or sensations always make a more indelible imprint on our minds than rational understanding even if rationality has a better handle on the real world. Your psyche cares a lot more about emotions and sensations than anything happening “out there” in reality. Reality has little to do with it.  Goebbels designed a great propaganda system for Hitler based on these concepts… the USSR and China used similar methods in their education and propaganda systems – and most successful journalists, writers and bloggers use similar techniques to acquire a large audience. This can be great when combined with  a really good source of information, but have terrible consequences when it fills people with illusions.

This is also why politicians continuously try to stimulate the “lower emotions” – their skill in this being totally independent of the worthiness – or lack of the same – of the cause they are promoting.

So what do you do to keep your head in a position where innumerable vested interests are trying to sway you this  way and that ?

You can step back, and make funny – even if you have to resort to absolute cynicism – the most desperate seeming situation – and thus force your intellect to play with your emotions, breaking their toehold and making life difficult for any false certitudes…

I’ve found a very good, fairly irreverent site to visit when all the economic/financial news starts becoming overwhelming: the Borowitz Report

The writer takes companies, people or events from current news stories and writes bogus, fictitious articles that say exactly what didn’t happen, and illustrate via the absurd the collective insanity of our society.

Need a laugh ? Check out these hilarious recent stories:

Have fun ! And make space for it in your lives…


Are we paranoid enough ? – Killer RFID chips

Dr. No would love this one: a Saudi inventor has invented an RFID chip that can be impanted in humans to track their wherabouts anywhere in the world, and kill them instantly through diffusion of a poison if needed.

Sounds perfect for a bunch of uses – I’m sure secret services, mafia organisations, terrorist groups and crackpot dictators are drooling over it as we speak !

Just think of the advantages for any institution desiring absolute loyalty in it’s underlings.

Hostage taking would become much easier too: just inject the victims and if anyone comes to rescue them they’re toast !

As for terrorists, if they are not quite sure of the fanaticism of their human bomb, they just have to tell him he’ll die anyway if his bomb doesn’t go off at the right time – don’t be late !

Stifling dissent ? Easy: just inject the politically incorrect and if they say a word out of line press the button ! In fact, all citizens should be implanted at birth without their knowledge just in case they turn into “terrorists”. Slip a chip in with all those vaccinations – no-one would notice. Even if they did, tell them it’s their caring government that just wants to observe their health for their own good of course…

Remember those hypo dart rifles used in zoos and nature reserves ? Well, if you want to blackmail someone how about adding a chip to  a dart ?

Hmm, in the perfect world, we could have implanted schoolchildren suddenly taking truancy VERY seriously. As for those dangerous mental patients escaping all the time… we can put a definitive stop to that !

No, really, the most extreme conspiracy theorists just haven’t got enough imagination ! To think people weren’t even believing the possibility of microchipping humans not so long ago…

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