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The moon bombing was a complete flop

All the surrealists, humanists, poets, mystics, environmentalists, peacelovers, scientists, religious nuts, faeries, shamans, witches, pot-heads, DMT worshipers, paranoids, Jules Verne & H.G. Wells readers, buddhist monks, doctors and dreamers out there who were worried about terrible things happening when the two NASA impactors hit the moon at 5600 miles an hour today can breathe a sigh of relief – absolutely nothing happened ! In fact, despite all the media hype, twitter coverage, and millions of dollars of synchronised equipment involved from the earth’s surface to the moon, it seems the experiment has been mostly a waste of time and money. On the real time coverage supplied by NASA we see the first impactor – the Centaur – clearly dive-bombing into the dark crater, then nothing: no explosion, no miles-wide crater, no 10 km high plume of moon-stuff – nothing ! From the camera of the second impactor we see absolutely no trace of a devastating impact from the first; just a few old-looking micro craters on the flat floor of the target crater. Then the second vehicle’s camera goes blank maybe 20 seconds before it’s own impact was due, for no visible reason.

Here’s the first news report that I found after the event:

No doubt spontaneous prayer and meditation groups that sprung up around the world and got together in reaction to the announcement of the bombing will attribute this to strength and conviction of their combined spiritual energies, allied to the forces of light and a vegetarian lifestyle. The ufo/alien sects and pulp sci-fi fans will be reassured that an alien craft, appearing as a small thermal blip just before the crash obviously hit the impactors with a disintegrator ray to prevent the scarring of our “man in the moon”, thus saving the day to pass the time while preparing their fleets for the Great Californian Space Rapture… Distressed Haiku writers in Japan will stop donning their Samurai robes and preparing their Seppuku ritual and relax – they will be able to continue using the muse of the weekend moon-viewing tradition reassured that it won’t explode in their faces. Various witch covens, relieved they won’t be losing half their pantheon in one night, will celebrate with a frienzied orgy dedicated to the Lunar Goddess in her most fertile and liberating aspect. Werewolves everywhere will get off the Prozac and dog food and resume eating people with confidence.

The moon might just be sitting there – or rather speeding rather fast around us while maintaing a direct stare encompassing most of our activities – but it is much,much more than than a mere “celestial body” for a hell of a lot of people: an inspirer of artists and poets, a symbol of primordial, feminine and magical forces that effects us from an emotional level all the way down to the very substance of our bodies.

The symbolism of the moon is rich and powerful to enough people to make jealous any Forbes billionaire. This failed experiment could have been seen as just one more case of the bright soul of a marvelous, mysterious thing being ignorantly reduced to it’s most materialistic aspects, then shattered. I think we should discourage this tendency whenever possible or we might run out of poets and dreamers one day.

Perhaps if you want to do research on the water levels on the moon, a more humble and respectful approach would be more appropriate and affective, NASA ? The Gods, dreams, inspiration and ideals of many are watching over her, and I’m sure with all your technology you can find out about water on the moon without blowing bits of her up.


The US will bomb the moon tomorrow morning – yes, really !

Having already bombed the hell out of many areas of our planet, the US is casting it’s eyes to the heavens to find new targets to blow up.

At 4.30 am PDT tomorrow morning NASA is going to lob the LCROSS Centaur upper stage rocket at the moon surface at 5600 miles an hour, followed shortly after by the LACROSS shepherding spacecraft which will hit the same point. These two heavy objects moving at such high speeds and carrying hydrazine based fuel (Wikipedia states “Hydrazine is highly toxic and dangerously unstable, especially in the anhydrous form” and “These reactions are extremely exothermic (the catalyst chamber can reach 800 °C in a matter of milliseconds,[21]) and they produce large volumes of hot gas from a small volume of liquid hydrazine”) classifies both objects in effect as space based kinetic weapons – or “impactors” as NASA like to call them.

As usual, the US hates bombing things legally, so in this case is in direct violation of UN resolution 2222 written in the 1499th plenary meeting on December 19, 1966.

Specifically article 3:

1. The moon shall be used by all States Parties exclusively for peaceful purposes.

2. Any threat or use of force or any other hostile act or threat of hostile act on the moon is prohibited. It is likewise prohibited to use the moon in order to commit any such act or to engage in any such threat in relation to the earth, the moon, spacecraft, the personnel of spacecraft or man-made space objects.

3. States Parties shall not place in orbit around or other trajectory t or around the moon objects carrying nuclear weapons or any other kinds of weapons of mass destruction or place or use such weapons on or in the moon.

4. The establishment of military bases, installations and fortifications, the testing of any type of weapons and the conduct of military manoeuvres on the moon shall be forbidden. The use of military personnel for scientific research or for any other peaceful purposes shall not be prohibited. The use of any equipment or facility necessary for peaceful exploration and use of the moon shall also not be prohibited.

A space based kinetic weapon qualifies easily as a weapon of mass destruction…

The explosion should displace several miles of moon surface material, and could (they are not quite sure ha ha ha) make a crater 5 miles wide. We should be able to see the explosion from certain parts of the Earth as it will throw material 6 miles into space.

Couldn’t they have found a less violent, potentialy dangerous and cheaper way to check out the water they’ve found on the dark side of the moon than throwing a 600 million dollar spacecraft into it at very high speed ? It all seems rather weird… How are they going to detect water in minute quantities after an explosion that should evaporate all liquids in the area (Hydrazine explosions produce a large ball of very hot gas) ?

Looks like NASA have been watching too much hollywood, or just want to scare the hell out of all the ignorant people on this planet like their Project A119 in the cold war. I wonder what jungle people will think of one of their gods being partially disintigrated without their consent ?

Here’s a link from the rather amusing U S Surrealist Group that mentions this past project and stands in opposition to the moon impactor in their usual original way:

And here are some links to sites where people are worried the moon might blow up, shift in it’s orbit, and generally missbehave in a potentially lethal fashion for us underneath:

In the second article, Tweitmeyer is his usual paranoid cranky self, but makes a few good points despite his sometimes dodgy science.

I know the face on the moon has been showing an expression of shock for the last few decades, but I wouldn’t like to add a scar, or a third eye to it as a makeover !

One question I ask myself is: at a time when the Earth is being shaken by earthquakes and climatic extremes, is it wise to mess with a planetary body that has a delicate relationship with our atmosphere, tectonics, tides, etc that we still do not fully understand despite reassuring noises to the contrary…

If an 11 ton lander made the moon “ring like a bell for 30 minutes” when it impacted a few years ago, doesn’t this indicate there are many other things about the moon that we still don’t know ?

It seems that as usual the human reaction to the unknown continues to be “if we don’t understand it, let’s blow it up”

Or maybe the whole thing is just an over the top imperial publicity stunt – a “visible in the heavens” demonstration of power and technology to impress the american people and the world – and remind them who controls the skies and space. A kinetic space weapon used on the moon will provide loads of raw data for doing similar things elsewhere. One of the most destructive weapons imagined by the minds that take delight in such things is an asteroid pushed by explosions or motors into our atmosphere, and dropped on the target with cataclysmic results. But you don’t absolutely need a meteor or asteroid; any piece of space debris large enough not to burn up in our atmosphere would do. Given the propensity of the US for big, hugely destructive WMDs, I wouldn’t put it past them.

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