The best UFO footage ever

I’m afraid I’m still too busy to blog much and will be for a while, but I just had to put up this really amazing video taken of a UFO in Turkey, and I’ve got a bit of time today so I’ll go into this fascinating subject a bit.

The first half of the video is a bit off putting – the camera is all over the place, but be patient until the second half !


Probably the best I’ve ever seen. It looks like an alien scout ship straight out of some space opera novel, having problems fixing it’s cloaking device in the second half of the video when they manage to improve the focus and details become clear. It could be a good hoax of course, but if so, was done with more means than a turkish night guard probably possesses – ILM would do a good job in their effects studio !

So, is there one – or several – alien space fleets orbiting and patrolling our world, mostly unseen because of their mastery of techy camouflage systems ?

I wonder what they could be up to ?

The endless wild speculation going around the net predicts various scenarios:

– Interstellar/galactic/extradimensional tourism by races too ethically evolved to want to effect our civilisation’s developement by interfering or being seen. Could be… They would be have to be more ethically advanced than us in order for motivation to study our society in a way that does not interfere or destroy it. Something most humans don’t seem to be quite capable of yet if you look at the ongoing history of our encounters and subsequent destruction of countless human cultures around the world.

– Sampling and taking earth organism DNA for their own medical uses or in order to create a human/alien hybrid (taking the Earth over with the hyrids afterwards being a popular variant). A lot of the abductee crowd are fans of this one, but as I haven’t been abducted by aliens yet I guess it’s hard to have a point of view. There are a large number of nutters in this group, but also a frighteningly large amount of evidence showing something strange has happened to a lot of people; missing time followed by the appearance of mysterious scars or body markings being a common one. Spooky… Of course a lot of americans think that their government is doing the abducting for their own evil experiments on citizenry while using the alien story as a cover. I’m not sure about this because the US air force usually just drops whatever it wants to test on a civilian population from aircraft, and then studies the doctors reports – read up the history of US experimentation on their citizenry; it’s astonishing what they get away with. So why bother with all the beams of light, black helicopters, etc ?

– The more conspiracy oriented UFO specialists – who often have a past involvement in government or military work (funny coincidence…) – are concerned that more nasty alien groups are working with some of our more powerful governments, giving them small amounts of advanced technology in exchange for DNA, human guinea pigs/slaves, or any weird ressources they might need. Looking at the inhuman behaviour of most of our bigger goverments, I strangely enough don’t find that one too hard to believe, not that they need aliens at all to get up to their nefarious tricks. There are a lot of archives available on UFOs studied by the Nazis in germany – they even used a few of them: the famous “foo fighters” ! But whether this was technology supplied by aliens or the production of their extraordinary scientists is open to debate. Many US engineers claim to have done reverse engineering on alien tech while working for the US government, and a few have showed photos or even supposedly alien artifacts. More worrying is that many ex-government “whistleblowers” who have exposed alleged government work on alien technology have subsequently been assassinated. A bit silly really because it gives credence to the whole hypothesis !

– Another scenario is from the 2012/apocalypse/end of the world  fan club, a lot of whom believe (including Princess Nakamaru of Japan, mentioned in a revious post) that a powerful and wise galactic federation that supervises our part of the galaxy is very aware that some huge calamity is going to devastate our planet on December 2012, and will turn up in a swarm of UFOs to rescue the lucky survivors, at least those who have eaten enough twinkie bars in their previous life, or whatever else is required to qualify… Hmm, sounds a bit too much like wishful thinking if you ask me; one of the major flaws of humanity. Besides, too many Californians are convinced about this one, which reduces any credibility imediately. In any case I’ve always found the Messiah/rescuing aliens and other forms of waiting for miraculous deliverance a great way of getting nothing done oneself – playing into the hands of those who push such disempowering memes or anyone else who happens to be expoiting you to the bone at the time.

– Then there’s the dreaded spirit/voodoo/witchcraft/satanic angle, where all these UFOs are entities from other dimensions, some of which can cross into our dimension under their own steam (or ecloplasm, or whatever…) using psychic or technological means, and some of which can be “helped” across by eldritch occult rituals, optionaly involving ritual sacrifice and other kinky props for jaded aristocrats. There’s a lot of detail out there on all this – far, far more than supports the other scenarios – written over the course of the whole history of mankind, with whole tomes devoted to the interaction, summoning and control of particularly powerful beings. The legend goes that the Vatican library is full of them, but I’ve seen shops devoted to the arcane, full of ancient dusty grimoires in Latin and Arabic in the back streets of the Latin Quarter in Paris – complete with a positively sinister black clothed, grey faced ghoul/shopkeeper watching over the place with beady red eyes. Funnily enough, many physicisists and scientists are quite enthusiastic about this UFO explanation. I talked to a German dimensional physicist/philosopher who went glassy eyed and became positively manic when I asked him about the possibility of conscious extra dimesional entities. There are of course a growing number of people convinced that rich and powerful groups summon and invoke these beings for their own evil ends on a regular basis, get them to possess their brainless underlings (british MPs anyone ?), hex their enemies and do other naughty things. Even in the British goverment many were active members of the Hellfire club not so long ago, a group steeped in demonology and black magic… Blair and his wife have more than a passing interest in witchcraft and strange rites, if I remember rightly. So either all these people are indulging in strange rites to sate twisted aspects of their psychopathic psychology as an expression of their utter madness and disenfranchisement with humanity, or there is something in it, and these activities, far from being a quaint, if dark pass-time, actually produce results in our dimension. Now that’s a scary thought ! Hmm, it might explain how such incompetent and corrupt people retain power over the rest of us with such obviously pernicious badly designed control systems, sorry, oops, er, financial systems – They have occult knowledge, power and extra-dimensional ressources reinforcing their every depredation.

Well, it would make a great novel.

Or maybe all the above are true, and in addition we are going to be spectators of a huge war in our solar system between the good galactic federation here to save us, and the evil predator aliens who have turned up to strip Earth of it’s ressources once the humans have been wiped out by the supervolcanoes going bang in 2012 .

I’m off to buy a light saber and reinforced bunker.


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