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A few pertinent facts about Libya

There is so much contradictory stuff circulating about Libya and Qadaffi I think a few points are worth clarifying.

Libya under Qaddafi:

– The latest UN Human Rights Council report on Libya (issued just before the outbreak of hostilities) is glowing with praise for the country, and commends Libya’s government for improving human rights, educational opportunities and improving its “constitutional” framework

– Libya has more legal protections for its citizens than any other african or middle-eastern country

– An international delegation of medical professionals recently stated – in an appeal to Russian President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin no less – that in their view there were few nations in which the people lived in such comfort. They asserted that “Libyans are entitled to free treatment, and their hospitals provide the best in the world of medical equipment. Education in Libya is free, capable young people have the opportunity to study abroad at government expense. When marrying, young couples receive 60,000 Libyan dinars (about 50,000 U.S. dollars) of financial assistance. Non-interest state loans, and as practice shows, undated. Due to government subsidies the price of cars is much lower than in Europe, and they are affordable for every family. Gasoline and bread cost a penny, no taxes for those who are engaged in agriculture. The Libyan people are quiet and peaceful, are not inclined to drink, and are very religious.”

– Today, Libya ranks 53 on the UN Human Development Index and qualifies as the most developed country in Africa, ahead of Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, and Venezuela.

– Qadaffi’s most ambitious project, costing $33 billion, is the largest and most ambitious – and expensive – irrigation project in the world. It has taken decades to complete, and was financed with no help from the international community or banks. The Great Man-Made River project provides 70% of Libyans with water for drinking and irrigation pumped from the huge Nubian Sandstone Aquifer system in the south all the way to coastal areas 4000 km to the north. Qadaffi has intended for years that Libya become the bread basket of the region, providing food and water to surrounding countries to eliminate their dependency on western imports and aid, provoking a major regional economic boom

– The central Bank of Libya provides interest free loans, complying with the tenets of Islam, thus stimulating local entrepreneurs and businesses. It manages all loans, and issues and regulates the Libyan money supply. Because eliminating interest has been shown to reduce the cost of public projects by an average of 50%, Libya has been able to build its education system and state-of-the-art medical care, and achieve many other projects for the public good. For the same reasons it has almost no foreign debt, and thus total financial independance from the western banking oligarchy. Libya has large gold reserves, in addition to the oil money in foreign banks currently blocked by the UN coalition and now destined to finance the “rebels”.

– Women have a far better status than in most other Muslim countries. Qadaffi decided to create a personal military guard comprised only of highly trained women – mainly in order to make a point to the more mysogynistic Islamic hard-liners…

– Entirely in contradiction with heavily biased western media reports, Qadaffi is adored as an idol by the vast majority of his people (with the exception of Salafi Islamist fundamentalists and eastern clans that lost power to Qadaffi’s regime) quite simply because under his strong leadership their lives have improved tremendously compared to their experience under previous regimes.

– The first person to issue an international arrest warrant for Osama Bin Laden was Qadaffi, years before 9/11.

– Libya has been the most persistant fighter against terrorism in the entire Arab world, arresting more extremist Muslim terrorists than just about any other country over the last few years. Libya has been commended by both Washington and the FBI numerous times in recent years for its help fighting terrorism.

– Qaddafi has accepted the African Union proposition for a roadmap to peace in Libya. This has been pretty much ignored by western media.

Libya’s “rebels”:

– Unlike all the other regional uprisings defined overwhelmingly through peaceful marches by non-violent protesters, in Libya the insurgency kicked off in Benghazi with violent assaults on police stations, army barracks and armories. Contrary to western media reports, the insurgents commenced hostilities. There were no peaceful marches.

– For years Benghazi has been a hotbed of the most violent factions of Islamic extremism. A 2007 West Point study shows that during the Iraq war, the Benghazi-Darnah-Tobruk area supplied more Jihadi fighters per capita to battle coalition forces in Iraq than any other area. In fact the Benghazi-Tobruk corridor was described as “a world leader in Al Qaeda suicide bomber recruitment”. These extremists form the backbone of the”rebel” elements.

– One of the first actions of the “rebels” was to create a new central bank for Libya and the “Libyan Oil Company” a “supervisory authority on oil production”, based in Benghazi – barely 48 hours after the UN decided on the “no-fly zone” . CNBC senior editor John Carney asked, “Is this the first time a revolutionary group has created a central bank while it is still in the midst of fighting the entrenched political power? It certainly seems to indicate how extraordinarily powerful central bankers have become in our era.”

– It appears that most of the supposedly “first hand” media reports about Libya actually emanate from the the National Conference of the Libyan Opposition (NCLO) in Washington and Dubai. These unverified reports have become the basis for accusations of “genocide”, economic sanctions, and enforced “no-fly zones”.

– The “rebels” have been accused of indiscriminate killings, beheadings and witch-hunts, as well as the persecution and murder of many black africans and other foreigners attempting to leave Libya.

– The “rebellion” is being directed from Washington by Ibrahim Sahad of the NFSL. The NFSL was formed in London in 2005

Confused ? Maybe this very short video will help explain this insanity:

A couple of very good articles from activist post explaining the reasoning behind the attack on Libya by the western globalist oligarchy:

I am not even going to go into other aspects (maybe later), like the huge amounts of radioactive depleted uranium used by NATO in their munitions that have already turned Iraq into a country overwhelmed by cancer and birth defects and are primed to do the same in Libya in the name of “fighting tyranny”…

My prayers are with the people of Libya. May they find peace and justice.


Why we need global resistance by “we the people” to avoid catastrophy

If you sum up the information we have available on our economy, healthcare, food supply and energy supplies these days it is pretty obvious that all four cornerstones of our future survival on his planet, and thus the foundations of a just, advanced future civilisation are deeply dysfunctional and are taking humanity down a path  that is directly opposed to it’s potential and capabilities.


Our economy is a debt based system that is a mathematical model for the destruction of value and the concentration of all wealth into a tiny number of hands wordwide. For those that still don’t know this – just ask yourselves how the richest 170 people in the world have aquired an equivalent wealth to the poorest 3 billion people on the globe.

Compare this with the bright future possible using Social Credit, BIG, or the Cook plan – also check out the massively successful Alaska Permanent Fund – all of which are monetary models that would almost instantly and with very little infrastructure solve the debt problems of every impoverished citizen in the world, and restart a productive economy with less toil and wasted energy, and more freedom for all it’s participants. The global elite who are responsible for maintaining the current vampiric system at all costs at the expense of most of humanity are aware of these far more democratic and ethical systems, and have made every effort to suppress, ignore or even demonise them in order to continue raping the planet and it’s inhabitants with impunity.

To sum up, the monetary system we use is the property of the whole of humanity, and must be removed from the grasping claws of private international institutions hiding their ongoing, massive piracy behind deceitful language and opaque systems, and given back to the people. Economics must serve the people of this planet. Perpetuating exactly the opposite is simply insane and horrendously destructive ! Unless of course you are one of the 170 odd hyper rich. Absolutely everyone else is losing out more and more: it is a simple mathematical iteration… As a last point I might add that every war around the planet is financed by the international banks – no war can be waged anywhere without a bank loan from soulless globalised institutions. Just food for thought…


Healthcare worldwide is riddled with such a mess of corruption, phony research, unethical marketing, and products that attenuate symptoms while debilitating the health of the “consumer” (not patient…) ensuring his continued custom for big Pharma. Healthcare should be taken from these companies – they have demonstrated beyond a doubt through their evil practices that thay are the last people to be trusted with our health. Think they are nice, honest groups concerned with our wellbeing ? Well, read this:

one more example in a succession of massive fines for Pharma over the years ! These fines are just accounted with the yearly losses and do nothing to change business as usual for them of course. I remember years back when European Pharma companies were caught corrupting every member of a European Commission (except one who blew the whistle) in order to ban organic vitamins from easy public access – They incurred the biggest fines in the history of business. Did that stop them ? Of course not – they just upped their pressure on the infamous “Codex Alimentarius” commission to outlaw vitamins in as many areas as possible, and enforce worldwide food irradiation just in case there were any nutrients left in our food products.

How to change the situation ? Citizen-based transparent oversite (the way of the future) of all big pharma practices, and an enforcement of placebo trials for every medecine introduced into the “health market”. Most people wil probably be surprised to learn that no vaccine is given a placebo test – the “cohort trials” currently used are hopeless and the results can be interpreted wildly; this is why they are used.

You still want to get vaccinated ? Well read this; you might change your mind:

Food Supply

Now, let’s talk about the world food supply and what’s wrong with it – in one word: globalisation ! Through the tireless efforts of our international think tanks, trade commissions, WTO and a veritable host of sister organisations we at last have a global network of interlinked countries that all depend on each other for their survival and, er… independance. Ironically this global system has barely been put in place and is already showing it’s weakness because of the global economic crunch. Because so many countries export their own food and import their needs, as soon as international banks stop giving the credit for ships to sail, huge quantities of food are wasted and do not go where they are needed. A recent example of this were the numerous famines in 2007-2008 that were a direct result, not of overpopulation as our information-twisting media loves to put out, but simply lack of credit supplied by banks to get the boats on the water. This is pretty clear if you look at the Baltic Exchange Dry Index that shows total world freight:

Don’t believe it ? Check out:

The horrible irony of these times is people starving a few meters away from massive, full grain silos destined for other countries but immobilised by finance. It leads to unthinkable situations: in Thailand the price of rice – the staple – has skyrocketed over the last few years despite the fact Thailand is the biggest rice exporter in the world ! Another demonstration that our global economy does little to benetfit those who actualy do all the work !

The reason we are going to have – as Web-Bot predicts – the worst famine in memory next year is pretty simple: look at the Baltic Dry again – notice that the level of worldwide shipping is already infinitely lower than it was in 2007. Our starting point during the next level of collapse of the economy being much lower, when shipping collapses again through lack of credit it is probable that more than a billion people will be starving in 2010. In Europe it is likely that the supermarket supply chain will fail – western “just in time” delivery techniques will compound the disaster.

Of course there are a myriad of other reasons the famine will be bad – most of them due to globalisation too ! If you add farmers committing suicide by the thousands in India (favoured method of suicide: drinking Monsanto roundup pesticide) because their livelyhood has been destroyed by Monsanto;  the pushing of GM everywhere although it has been demonstrated to be less productive than even supposedly “wasteful” organic  farming and does not boost yields, not to mention being downright bad for health; the huge reduction of global food and grain reserves over the last few years world-wide – the list goes on… Here’s the Cornell University report on organic farming vs GMO:

Energy Supply

Right, lets move on to energy. Wordwide we are using limited supplies of highly polluting ressouces to provide our energy. When we are not doing that, we are using expensive and dangerous nuclear sources, that will have to be watched over by endless future generations of scientists to avoid radioactive catastrophy. All this while free energy has been around for nearly a hundred years – probably more. Patents for using “standing wave” electricity, drawing energy directly from the earth’s huge, unlimited electric field were registered in the 1920’s ! They were bought and buried by companies like IG Farben when they were taking time off from helping set up Nazi Germany.

And now we find ourselves being asked to pay “carbon credits” to compensate for the damage all these companies have knowingly inflicted on the world ? Years back when I was jokingly saying that air will be taxed when they can get away with it I didn’t realise how soon it was going to happen.

No government will interfere with the huge energy companies quite simply because creating dependency on an electric grid is one of the best ways of ensuring social control, so don’t expect any help from them. In fact, politicians like Blair and Brown make most of their money from checks for “services rendered”  to oil companies and other financial giants, so expecting them to improve anything is just plain stupid. Their actions bare this out just about every week.

In fact, there are many ways of generating power without depending on the grid – I have engineer friends who can run a household on a few hundred dollars of equipment – forever !

Here’s a magnetic generator using switched phase permanent magnetic fields:

Here’s the theory (touching on Schumann resonances) as outlined by Nikolai Tesla – you know, the forgotten genius who invented amongst other things the AC/DC we use everywhere – forgotten probably because he invented workable free energy:

I hope any engineers reading this take note and get back into their workshops.

Solutions ?

So what are we going to do about all this ?

Well, My solution is to start a global insurgency against these parasitic, monopolistic, downright deadly (for us) systems. With several internationaly renowned economists, money reformers and thinkers we are going to start a “we the people” forum soon, where we will centralise information on the current world issues, along with solutions that “we the people” can apply directly in our own lives.

The people currently destroying the advancement and enlightenment of our civilisation for their own power and fear of losing control must be stopped. I would suggest regrouping every human being who is not a minion of these evil creatures into a worldwide organisation called “we the people”, and when we have enough sheer numbers, force the globalists to start actually benefitting humanity by pointing out far and wide their evil actions and the many viable alternatives, on every media. If not, they will have to go… If they are not stupid, they could even use their considerable pool of ressources and human brainpower – currently used for the worst possible causes – to clear their act up and sincerely help humanity progress to a new level of civilisation. Unfortunately they seem to mostly have psychopathic personalities: a bad sign because a psychopath’s reaction when “found out” is often violence, even when it leads to his own doom.

A nice inspirational video by the Argentine analyst Adrian Salbuchi:

part one:

part two:

So, who out there has the “cojones” to actually stop moaning about things and do something about them ? Hopefully a lot of you, otherwise we will be facing global catastrophy within 18 months..

Spread the word. I’ll give the “we the people” forum url as soon as it’s ready. We need to start our “Grass Roots Think Tank” !

The tree of Liberty is parched from lack of water. Go grab a watering can !

Otherwise it might end up watered by “the blood of patriots” yet again…


Are the ruling elites insane ?

Today, it’s time to jump into the deep end of internet strangeness.

In my search across the internet to find people who have in-depth experience with the most powerful movers and shakers of the planet – to glean more on what on earth they are up to – I recently came across a video which probably ranks as one of the weirdest interviews out there.

Before you watch it, I’m going to put it into perspective a little; first a famous speech – but not well enough known – from J. F. Kennedy in 1961, who was obviously worried about the influence of secret societies before his untimely demise:

How times have changed in the american mainstream press since then ! For the worse unfortunately…

For the other side of the coin, and a possible explanation, here is an almost opposing speech from that charming personage David Rockefeller in June 1991, 30 years later, at the Bilderburg conference in Baden Baden, Germany:

We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.

So far they sound like pretty rational, reasonable people, don’t they, even if on one side – the Bilderburgers – their objectives seem to be downright fascist… but on both occasions these members of the “power elite” were talking to a large assembly in a conference. What is strange is that I’ve listened or read about some of these types of people talking in private, or at least off the record, and they often say very strange things in an informal or private context. Things so strange one could ask oneself if they are actually living on the same planet as the rest of us !

This is where the weirdest video of the week comes in. A bit more explanation before you watch it, if you will…

The two people talking in it are Princess Kaoru Nakamaru of Japan and Prince Leo Lyon Zagami of Italy.

Princess Nakamaru has devoted most of her life to understanding the mechanisms of world power in order to promote peace worldwide over the last 50 years (she is 73 now, getting on a bit…). She is widely respected in Asia and other parts of the world as a “spiritualy awakened” peaceworker, who has traveled to nearly 200 countries and met the most important world leaders directly, presidents, mighty industrialists and financiers in order to ask them simple, often disturbingly (for them) direct questions about their real efforts to promote goodwill and respect between all humans. She set up The International Affairs Institute for World Peace with part of her inheritance – 5 Billion dollars (!!!) according to this and has published many books (in Japanese mostly, unfortunately) relating her experiences talking to power brokers and her analysis. She has been deeply concerned for years about what she calls “the world underground government” and their methods – using financial warfare to destroy entire cultures – that she defines as criminal and immoral. Princess Nakamaru is also reputedly highly involved with some of the largest, oldest and most powerful Asian families and secret societies, who are apparently having a dimmer and dimmer view of the western oligarchy’s recent abuses of their own power and the world – that includes Asia of course.

Prince Leo Lyon Zagami is one of the most controversial characters to appear on the internet in recent years. He is allegedly a lifetime member (as is his whole family – it’s a generational tradition thing apparently) of just about every western secret society anyone has ever heard of, including (but this only scratches the surface) the order of Malta; several different freemasonry rites; he is Grand Master of the Ordo illuminatorum Universalis and the Monaco Freemason lodge – can’t remember it’s name, a Supreme Magus of the Rosicrucian order, and a 33rd degree Mason, amongst other titles, and he has shown in the past a bewildering number of photos of himself with many powerful and shady personalities from Europe, the US, and Russia and photos and documentation backing up his membership in so many organisations. He allegedly even has high level contacts with with the Sufi Naqshbandi order under Sheikh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani which is also connected to the Gulen Movement and the Islamic brotherhood – according to him the Islamic version of freemasonry… There is little doubt he has moved in many strange and powerful circles, in his own words consorting with arms dealers, drug smugglers, and other well known financiers. He knows religions – Christian and Islamic – like the back of his hand. He is obviously rich enough to travel the world at will, with a permanent – large – entourage of bodyguards. Zagami has become such a controversial figure recently because he decided in 2008 to become a whistleblower concerning his western secret societies’ more unsavoury actions, and since then he has revealed his strength as an occult historian by revealing a huge amount of information – much of it surprisingly detailed and verifiable – about the inner workings and details of the esoteric groups he belonged to.

There is a lot of debate on whether he is the real thing, an imposter, an “agent manipulateur” or just downright mad ! Since then he has allegedly acquired the backing of many of his more humanistic occult brethren and is supposedly representing “the good side of the Illuminati”. The one undebatable fact is that he turns up regularly with the most extraordinary people, and makes some pretty extreme claims.

In this video he is allegedly representing the western secret societies and attempting to justify their actions to various esoteric entities of the east via the Princess at a meeting somewhere in Tokyo. Some pretty weird stuff comes up…

I’ll spare you the first part, where Kaoru Nakamaru presents herself and goes into her personal spiritual beliefs briefy (feel free to watch it on youtube if you are interested in her, or here in a longer previous interview)

Here are parts 2 and 3 where she has an exchange with Zagami:

How about that for… weird !

Several possibilities spring to mind immediately after watching, mainly:

– They are both mad. I mean barking up the tree hopping loony…

Well, really unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work for her because she has been too serious a person most of her career, has received decorations for her work, and people like King Hussein of Jordan and Ingrid Bergman are members of her foundation. Unless they are all stark raving bonkers of course… hmm, maybe a possibility there… She has had her strong spiritual views for quite some time, but plenty of other people do too, without necessarily making them mad as a hatter’s symposium. And she definitely has some clout and cojones; I vaguely remember her turning up on a peaceful visit to North Korea when the rest of the world was meeting in South Korea, which made her a bit controversial, but requires guts and a firm belief in yourself ! Some sources say that deadly nationalist ninja types would die to protect her anywhere in the world – must be a nice feeling to be so appreciated. In short a colourful – but not mad – straightforwardly well-intentioned old family Japanese billionairess.

As for Leo, temporary madness is a distinct possibility, but on the other hand maybe just a life spent wheeling and dealing with shady types and studying dark occult texts has driven him over the edge, despite his recently claimed crisis of conscience and vow to reveal all the crimes of his numerous brethren.

It’s so hard to know with Leo: he is totally consistant in the depth and breadth of his knowlege of a whole bushel of western secret societies, their histories and membership and has brushed shoulders with many rich and infamous people, has the recognised support of several gangs and militias around the world – some of which even vouch for him on youtube – who are a pretty tough bunch. He is allegedly never left by an impressive team of pro bodyguards, equipped with the latest. But his mannerisms don’t generate trust and he never seems to be quite sure which side he’s on.

And what’s all that about 2012 ? There is already too much rubbish proliferating about disaster happening in december 2012 without unhinged aristocrats getting involved too; unless they are the ones producing the disaster of course.

If you are bored one afternoon just google 2012 “_______” (insert disaster scenario here); it can be quite entertaining.

So what do you think of Kaoru and Leo ? There are some fascinating characters out there !

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